Swimmer, Survivor, Hero: Sarah Thomas sets Channel Swimming Record!

Sarah Thomas, 37, is an open-water swimming superhero. She is also a breast cancer survivor. The US born swimmer has brought her awe-inspiring swimming skills to the UK and become the first person EVER to swim four laps of the English Channel!Sarah Thomas

The swimming sensation set out on her inconceivable challenge in the early hours of Sunday the 15th of September. Not only is she the first to finish this feat, she swam the first three legs of her journey in above average speeds!

Swimming across the shortest route between England and France she strived onwards through everything the seas threw at her being spurred on by a supportive team and pilot. However, the last lap proved to be anything but easy.

Lap number four brought on difficulties from fatigue and the wild waters. Sarah used her superhuman strength to complete lap four in a time of 17 hours and 5 minutes! The first time this feat has been achieved in the history of Channel swimming.

The fourth lap was a struggle, but Sarah was no stranger to the struggle. In November 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to beat it.

Sarah ThomasAs the Superhero that she is, Sarah beat cancer and came back fighting to make history in ode of “all of the survivors out there.”

Sarah has decorative history when it comes to open water swimming – she first swam across the Channel in 2012, and again in 2016. She also completed a 56-hour swim of Lake Powell in Arizona in 2016 too. In August of 2017 she swam 104.6 miles in Lake Champlain on the US and Canada border before she received her diagnoses.

And now, she leaves her superhuman mark on history. She overcame every struggle thrown at her and became one of only five people to swim across the English Channel three times, but the first person in history to swim four times.

At 6:30am on Tuesday the 17th of September she arrived on the beach in Dover. She was greeted with Champagne and sweets – and plans on resting now.

We are proud of Sarah’s incredible achievement and remarkable feat that will go down in history as a triumph in the awe-inspiring capabilities of the human body. Sarah has shown us all an inspiring example of human strength – both inside and out.

Congratulations, Sarah Thomas!


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