Replace Your Pullbuoy With Blueseventy Core Shorts! (Video)

The Blueseventy Core Shorts are an intelligent piece of training equipment. Now, I’ve always been a fan of something a bit different, something innovative and original. The Blueseventy Core Shorts tick all these boxes.  They are a versatile piece of training kit for fitness swimmers and competitive swimmers alike.  Made from buoyant rubber on the front and the same high quality leanda_core_grandeneoprene as the award winning Helix wetsuit on the rear, this setup lifts your core whilst swimming.  The shorts have got a special durable outer coating so they’re safe to wear in chlorinated pools without the fear of them falling apart immediately.  They also benefit from a  super comfortable inner lining, which also makes them easy to put on and take off.

These shorts can replace the traditional pull-buoy for focused upper body training.

Not having to continually ‘grip’ on a pullbuoy means that all of that mental and physical energy can be put into focusing on your technique and stroke efficiency. A pullbuoy can also restrict your body roll somewhat whereas with the Core Shorts you’ll experience more freedom to rotate from the hips. Think about the advantages to wearing your pullbuoy, you can kick when you need to, tumble turn easily and swim in all four strokes no problem!  It really opens up your options for training and working on your stamina, strength and speed.

What about the “Core” in Core Shorts I hear you cry!  Well yes, the shorts will help to activate and strengthen your core muscles through use of them in your training sessions.  After a few weeks of using the Core Shorts you should see a difference in your body position, distance-per-stroke and overall speed. The shorts are a fantastic teaching/learning tool for getting the most out of your swimming.  Wear them in training sessions with your swimcore_back_grande coach and gain feedback on your hip rotation thanks to the orange markings on the sides of the shorts.  The markings indicate to your coach (or yourself in the case of video playback) the optimum position for your hips.

If you’re a triathlete in training then these would be a great addition to your kit bag.  It’s the closest thing to swimming in a wetsuit without attracting too many stares at the local pool (a lot of pools won’t let you swim in a wetsuit at all).

So, if you’re a total swimming nerd and like to be intelligent your swim training, or you’ve got your eyes set on competitive racing glory then these shorts are a sensible addition to your swim kit!

“Thank you blueseventy for this innovative product!…I have tried and tested many products over the last 10 years but have not felt the need to add any new training tools to my swimminggear bag. My gear bag essentials just grew by 1 product.” – Anna Cleaver (Champion Triathlete)


In the video above, Ryan Vanderloop talks about the benefits and features of the Blueseventy Core Shorts:

"The Core Short is more dynamic than a pull buoy, so it kind of replaces the pull buoy in our training bag. What the core short does is, it's 4 or 5 mm neoprene, and it gives you buoyancy in the core of your body, around your hips. So, it simulates wetsuit position or pullbuoy position, so that your legs can rest and you can focus on frontal stroke exercises in the pool.

There's a couple different ways you can really use Core Shorts well. Number one is during different drills, it gives you that buoyancy that a pullbuoy does. So, you can isolate your legs, get good body position and concentrate on the front parts of your stroke or different mechanics without thinking about body position and letting the legs relax.

You can still kick because you're not holding anything between your legs, so you can use it purely as a floatation device. One of the biggest things we hear is that people love the shorts during recovery swims, they're able to swim longer in the water and more comfortably because the core shorts help you with that buoyancy.

The word Core is written on the side, in a position that, if your coach is standing poolside watching you swim laps back and forth, if they can read the word “core” they know you're rotating your hips.

We've found them to be really quite durable, rinse them in fresh water and we've found the lifespan even in chlorine pools has been really good. I've been swimming in my shorts for a year and a half!" - Ryan Vanderloop

The core shorts are unisex and come in sizes XS – XL
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