Outdoor Winter Swimming?

Swimming In Grisedale Tarn, Cumbria

Outdoor winter swimming is a standard procedure for some swimmers but for ones who love warm indoor pools, these places might send some shivers down your spine!

However, before you think about jumping in, beware. There are risks associated with swimming in cold water – and also with warming up when you're back on dry land. So start small and in the company of experienced winter swimmers. But as long as you're staying safe, go on and take the plunge… How cold can it be?!

1. Big Chill Swim, Lake Windermere

Big Chill Swim

Selling point: A wild swim in the largest natural lake in England

What to expect: A 30-metre breaststroke race (with heads above water) earns a place in a sauna and hot tub to warm up. Serious swimmers prove their mettle in longer races of 450 metres or one kilometre.

How cold? The clue is in the event’s name – the Big Chill Swim. Depending on the weather, the water is around 5 – 7°C. Cold water, combined with extra chilling from the cold air and wind, means that participants in the longer races need previous cold water experience. You should have swum a minimum of 900 metres in water under 6°C before the race.

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