The New Speedo Junior Fastskin Endurance+ Racing Swimsuits Are Here!

Speedo Fastskin Swimwear

When youngsters are starting out in their first competitions, at some point down the line they'll probably start looking at racing swimsuits. For any competition beyond their friendly club atmosphere they'll require a FINA approved swimming costume. The "FINA Approved" mark signifies that the swimwear has been tested, and adheres to the rules laid down by the governing body of swimming.

Tech suits can set you back a lot of money, especially if you're looking at the top-end of the market. But do not fear, there are plenty of options for entry-level or first-time competitive swimmers out there. The main thing you're looking for is the FINA approved mark, usually found on the rear of the swimsuit. If you see the FINA logo, that means the swimsuit is designed and approved for racing!

Speedo have just released their brand new “Junior Fastskin Endurance+” racing swimsuits. Jammers for boys and a kneeskin for the girls. They come in a stylish blue colour with brightly coloured pattern detail on one leg, in much the same style as their mid-level offering, the LZR Racer Elite 2.


There's a lot to be said for the psychological effect of wearing a specially made tech suit for your races. Just like the placebo effect, wearing a specially designed tech suit can help swimmers feel more confident about their performance when they're on the starting blocks, and therefore they'll feel less anxious and more focused on the task at hand. This is of course in addition to the racing technologies that reduce surface friction and support muscles during the race so that the swimmer can perform at peak-performance.

The great thing about these new Junior Fastskin suits is the price, they're so much better value! At less than 10% the price of their top-of-the-range elite adult tech suits, they're an excellent way to start your child's journey on the road to the gold medal without having to break the bank!

These new swimsuits are part of the Speedo “Fastskin” racing collection, but are made from Speedo's trademark Endurance+ swimwear material, meaning they'll last up to 20x longer than traditional swimwear fabrics and far longer than most other racing swimsuits. Because of the nature of the materials involved and the stresses performance swimwear undergoes, top-level tech suits will generally only be effective for 5-8 races before they need to be replaced. The Speedo Fastskin Endurance+ swimsuits will last far, far longer than that!

Take a look at the full technical specifications here:

 Speedo Junior Fastskin Boys  Speedo Junior Fastskin Girls
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Product Description:

The Speedo Junior FastSkin Endurance+ is a great choice for young swimmers that are looking to join a swim club and start racing.

Built for competing, it hugs the contours of the body to create a sleek racing profile and shares the same seam lines and design inspiration as the pioneering LZR Racer® Elite 2.

This entry level FINA approved performance suit is made with Speedo's Endurance+ material which is a lot more durable than other racing suits.

Endurance+ is 100% chlorine resistant, quick-drying and 20 times more fade resistant than conventional swimwear. It is designed to withstand everything your race day and training sessions throw at it!


  • FINA approved girls openback kneeskin racing suit
  • Part of the Fastskin family, worn by some of the world’s best swimmers
  • Unique asymmetric printed leg and straps
  • Open back style for great freedom of movement
  • Endurance®+ fabric is 100% chlorine-resistant, quick drying and engineered to last
  • 20 times more fade resistant than conventional swimwear
  • Comfortable, snag-resistant fabric
  • 4-way stretch technology for added softness and comfort


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