Arena Launches New Tech Suits: The Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra!

Arena Ultra Carbon Swimsuit

Arena has announced the introduction of a new top-of-the-line tech suit to join the Powerskin family, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra!

Back in 2012, Arena introduced the first incarnation of their carbon fibre powered swimwear, the Carbon Pro. It was the first suit to incorporate carbon fibre strands into the structure of the swimming costume. The super-strong carbon fibre strands lock down (Like a seatbelt) when a critical stress level is reached, providing targeted compression for muscular support.

A few years later we saw a refined MkII version of the Carbon Pro, then came the Carbon Flex and Carbon Air tech suits, expanding on the original technologies.

The Carbon Flex brought increased flexibility into the equation, being more suited to backstroke and breaststroke swimmers.

The Carbon Air provides an optimized balance of performance and a lightweight design, suitable for those with a slightly lower budget that still want to access the benefits of Arena's carbon fibre technology.

Following the incredible success of the Arena Carbon suits at international competitions, the R&D department has been working on the next instalment in the Arena Carbon family. For their new tech suit, Arena turned their attentions to the internal aspects to see what could be improved. They've been analysing how the build of the suit can maximize the swimmer's effectiveness in the water in addition to the existing intelligent compression that has been a defining factor of the Carbon range since the first incarnation.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra

Years of development has lead to the new Powerskin Carbon Ultra! Featuring new levels of support and movement management. The Carbon Ultra suits have a new internal structure which Arena are calling the “Ultra-Link System”. Through the connection of key muscle groups, plus the isolation of upper and lower body movements, the revolutionary new system works to increase efficiency and improve body position in the water.

Check out this video for the new Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra suits:

Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the technical features of the new tech suits and exploring how they can benefit you on race day! Keep an eye on our blog and social media sites for the next update. We're expecting to have the new Arena tech suits in stock around the middle of April 2016.

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(Estimated delivery is for the middle of April.)