Jacob Peters: Nike Vapor Goggle Review

The Nike Vapor Goggles 

Nike Swim are a bold brand when it comes to their swimwear. With years of expertise in the industry their swimwear and accessories are perfect for performance and affordable. Nike have swimwear for women, men, girls and boys. They also have a variety of accessories, caps and goggles.

One of their latest contributions to swimming accessories is their Nike Vapor Performance Swimming Goggles. Constructed specifically for performance swimmers these goggles carry the mantra "Less Drag. More Speed." They have incredible features such as an Ultra-Low Profile, Oversized Curved Lens, Flexible Soft Gasket, Nike Swift Track and Mirrored Lens Coating.

This ensures that the goggles are sleek with minimal drag from the moment you jump into the water. Your scope of vision is optimised with an amazing coverage over both vertical and horizontal view. They're comfortable too! With a soft gasket designed to fit your face you can swim fast and comfortably. There are a range of interchangeable nose bridges so you can have the most personalised fit possible to your goggles. Finally, there is an impressive glare reduction that blocks UV rays and any additional light from inhibiting your vision. 


Nike Vapor Goggle Features

To find out if the Nike Vapor Goggles are the right ones for you - we had one of our own test it! ProSwimwear Ambassador Jacob Peters has tried and tested the Nike Vapor Swim Goggles. With years of swimming experience in competitions such as Worlds and the Commonwealth Games he knows what makes a good goggle great. 

Let's find out what a competitive swimmer thinks of the Nike Vapor Goggles. 


Jacob's Review: 


First Thoughts on the Product:

When I first got the Nike Vapor Goggles, I was impressed. They look professional yet fashionable at the same time. Even from just touching them they feel durable.


First Wear:

When the first use of the product arrived, I found that the goggles were very easy to use. It was the tightening and loosening mechanism that made the googles so easy to use which I really enjoyed!

Wearing them they were relatively comfortable. They didn’t quite fit my eye shape as much as I personally like, though I am picky when it comes to goggles! In my search for the best fitting goggles I have only found 2 types of goggles that fit my eye shape properly!


During usage:

As expected, the goggles did work very, very well!

They kept all of the water out of my eyes during my swim, as well as being particularly clear to see through when swimming!


After use:

My overall review is that I do like the Nike goggles. They don’t specifically fit my eye shape that well as I mentioned before, but that’s just my personal preference! 

They are very easy to use and quite fashionable which I like! Even though I wouldn’t incorporate them into myown routine I would definitely recommend them to other people to use! They do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well!


So, that's what Jacob thinks of the Nike Vapor Goggles! 

 To summarise, the Nike Vapor Swimming Goggle are easy to use and great for keeping water out of your eyes whilst you swim! They provide a clear field of vision so that you can see clearly when you swim. Current,affordable and reccommended by someone who swims competitively! 

Why not try the Nike Performance Swimming Goggles today? 

 Jacob Peters




Jacob Peters is an Ambassador at ProSwimwear! 

  • He has competed in the Commonwealth Games, World Juniors & European Juniors! 
  • He competed against the likes of Ben Proud and Chad le Clos at the Commonwealth Games!
  • Find out more about Jacob in his introduction blog:


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