Is Yingfa Swimwear FINA Approved?

Is Yingfa Swimwear FINA Approved?Yingfa Swimsuit

Some people might think that because of the excellent value of Yingfa swimsuits, they might not be FINA approved. Actually, there are many FINA approved swimming costumes for men, women, boys and girls from the Yingfa collection! In fact, here's a list of FINA approved Yingfa swimwear from the official FINA website.

ProSwimwear are the exclusive UK retailers for Yingfa swimwear and if you don't yet know about the brand then you're missing out. Yingfa produce high-quality swimsuits and swimming equipment for racing, training or leisure swimmers. They have a huge range of training swimsuits, from sensible, professional looking block-colour swimsuits to wild multi-coloured patterned designs. Yingfa swimming products are exported all around the world and receive high praise from the international swimming community.
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Yingfa racing swimwear is popular amongst age-group swimmers in particular. The low prices and high levels of performance make Yingfa FINA approved swimwear perfect for growing swimmers. There's jammers for the boys, plus costumes and kneesuits for the girls, most feature the FINA approved logo. However, some Yingfa racing swimwear does not include the FINA approved logo, even though it is FINA approved for competitions, this can cause some confusion when trying to work out whether or not the item is officially FINA approved.

To clear things up, we've found the official list from the FINA website. All of the Yingfa swimsuits on the list below are approved by FINA for competitive swimming events, look in the "Model #" column to find the model number of the swimsuit.

Model # Type Gender Shape FINA# From
9402 SWIMSUIT Male jammer YI144233 01/01/10
9205 SWIMSUIT Male jammer YI142777 01/01/10
9102 SWIMSUIT Male jammer YI142121 01/01/10
937 SWIMSUIT Female full-knee YI225457 01/01/10
925 SWIMSUIT Female full-knee YI222829 01/01/10
983 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI218973 01/01/10
982 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI211033 01/01/10
955 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI219730 01/01/10
929 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI213049 01/01/10
921 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI212071 01/01/10
912 SWIMSUIT Female classic YI217324 01/01/10


If you're looking for a new racing suit, or even a pair of goggles, training swimwear, accessories and training aids, try Yingfa today!

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