Great British Swim: Ross Edgley Swims World's Busiest Shipping Lane

ross edgley great british swim

Ross Edgley has covered around 130 miles in the opening 10 days of his ambitious 2,000-mile open water swim around the British coast.

Edgley has entered the Solent this morning as he swims between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, a week-and-a-half after setting off from Margate on a clockwise course around the coast.

Known as the Great British Swim, 32-year-old Edgley is aiming to complete the challenge in 100 days but he's already encountered difficulties ranging from poor weather conditions to one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

Edgley admitted he was panicking over the prospect of swimming across the Strait of Dover during his second day in the water, but was guided expertly by his support crew.

Visibility has also been an issue in poor weather, with Edgley straying off course at times, and he's also using duct tape to cover up chafing and sores caused by spending so long in the cold salt water.

His regular posts on social media have showed the highs and lows of his first 10 days in the water, but he's hoping his efforts will help inspire others to take up new challenges.

"For me, the Great British Swim is almost leading by example," he said on his latest vlog.

"I'm not saying everybody should go and swim around the country they're living in! But I hope it gets people to think outside their comfort zones, whether it's doing their first triathlon, 5k or 10k, it doesn't matter. Any sport, just try something new."

See below for a selection of the social media posts Edgley has made to keep people up to date on his progress.