Oympic/European Champion Swimmer Joins Jaked Team

Frederick Bousquet is now part of the Jaked team.

The elite swimmer has earned himself 43 international medals in his career so far, including Olympic and European championships. He was also the first man in history to break 21 seconds in the 50m Freestyle event (wearing the J01 full body suit before such garments were banned by FINA in 2010).

Bousquet will be wearing the Jaked J-Katana when he competes next week in his first appearance for team Jaked at the French National Championships in Angers.

Read on for the full press release from Jaked…


“JAKED, the Italian brand specialising in hi-tech swimwear and sportswear, has an exciting new
spokesperson: Frédérick Bousquet.Olympic Swimmer

Born in 1981, the swimmer is a member of the French national team, and now Frédérick Bousquet is
the new JAKED ambassador. The internationally renowned swimmer’s greatest achievements include
a new world record in the 50 m freestyle, an Olympic silver medal and 43 international medals.

Jaked is delighted to put its know-how and its hi-tech products at the service of such a great athlete,
and to be at Frédérick’s side as he takes on future international challenges.

Bousquet’s Jaked debut is set for the next French Short Course Championships (beginning on 19
November in Angers), then we will see him in long course in Montpellier (March 2016), but the event
of the year is certainly the Rio Olympics (August 2016), where Frédérick Bousquet (along with Federica
Pellegrini, another team Jaked athlete) will bring to the pool – and the eyes of the world – all the
excellence of this Italian brand.

J-lab has in fact already developed the swimsuit that will make a difference in Rio and in competitions
throughout 2016, a hi-tech product once again entirely “Made in Italy”, tested and refined thanks to the
contribution of these great athletes.

“I am very happy to be part of team Jaked”, Frédérick Bousquet announced – “because it is a brand
that has revolutionised the world of swimming from as early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and
it certainly has some wonderful new products under its belt for Rio 2016. Personally I feel a strong
bond with Jaked, a brand which for me has a special significance: I wore a Jaked swimsuit when I set
the world record for the 50 m freestyle! Looking towards the Olympics with Jaked by my side, I feel
extremely motivated. And I would like to thank Jaked for their trust.”

From all of us here at JAKED: welcome to the team!”

- Jaked Press Release

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