Five Undeniable Reasons to Love Swimming

Five Undeniable Reasons to Love Swimming

5 Reasons To Love Swimming

Swimming is an amazing sport and form of exercise. You may already know this - maybe you’re an avid swimmer already. You may be somebody who’s thinking about trying it for themselves, but you’re not quite sure that it’s right for you. The great thing about swimming is that there are so many reasons to love it, and anybody can give it a try. Here are 5 undeniable reasons to love swimming!


You Get An Incredible All Over Body Workout

Swimming gives you an incredible all over body workout unlike anything else. As you’re working on moving your legs, arms, and tightening your core when you swim, every muscle in your body is being used. Providing you have the correct swimming posture and form, you’ll enjoy an amazing all over body workout when you go for a swim. Not only will you get an all over body workout, you’ll improve many of your other skills too. Your arms and legs must be coordinated in order to move swiftly through the water, and this can help you in your everyday life too.


Swimming Is A Low Impact Sport Perfect For All Ages And Fitness Levels

Swimming isn’t just for the super fit, or even for those who are unfit and hate the gym. Swimming is a low impact sport perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Low impact means that the sport will not affect your joints in the way that other sports can. It’s actually very gentle on the joints so that even the elderly can enjoy a swim without worrying about harming knees and other areas. You can take things easy, or swim as hard as you like. There really is a type of swim for just about everybody.


You Automatically Feel More Relaxed Afterwards

As swimming is so therapeutic, you will automatically feel more relaxed afterwards. This makes it the perfect activity for when you need a little stress-relief, or even when you’ve been struggling to sleep at night. Also, the feel-good hormones that will be released after a good swim mean you get an all-natural high. You’ll feel amazing!  


You Can Find Some Seriously Stylish Swimwear

It isn’t just beach swimwear that’s made to look great these days. You can find some seriously stylish swimwear; even the competitive kind! Whether you’re super serious about your training or you just want to incorporate a good swim a few times a week for general fitness, you can find something appropriate that looks great to wear.


Swimming Is An Amazing Skill That Can Keep You And Others Safe

As well as all of the above benefits, you mustn't forget that swimming is an amazing skill that can help to keep you and other people safe. You don’t necessarily need a lifeguard qualification, but just knowing that you’re a strong swimmer will give you peace of mind in all kinds of situations. Whether you’re taking part in a triathlon or just going on holiday with your kids, being a great swimmer is going to help you.