Fast Swimming Tips - Core Excercise

Core training has specific benefits for swimmers. Developing a strong core helps you to reduce drag and swim faster. If you're not focusing part of your training on core excercise then you're missing a trick! Working on your core can bring real noticeable benefits for your swimming.

If you're a competitive swimmer and you're looking for new ways to improve your times then core strength conditioning is worth looking in to. Having a stronger core, and having more control over your core muscles will help you to achieve a better body position in the water and swim your stroke from the whole body. You will find that with proper core training you will experience lower levels of resistance in the water and will be able to generate more power to propel yourself through the water at a greater speed.

Try some of the dryland core excercises in the video below to develop your core muscles:



Core stability and strength is something that should not be overlooked, strengthen your core and you strengthen your swimming. Many of the high-end racing suits incorporate core stability into their design to give swimmers that extra edge but training yourself to have a stable core without the help of swimwear technology will give you an advantage on race day.


Core Training For Swimmers


The Blucore Corsuit is a unique core training device for swimmers which is strapped onto the body and provides tactile feedback on your body position while you swim. The Corsuit encourages activation of the core muscles to keep the spine aligned correctly. The tool provides live feedback on your body position. The Blucore Corsuit straps around the waist and is located on the lower back/spine. When you deviate from the optimum body alignment, the ends of the corsuit will exhert pressure on your spine, letting you know that you need to do correct your alignment.


Swimming Core Training

The BluCore Corsuit is available in a variety of colours now from ProSwimwear