Putting the Action into Reaction: Blueseventy’s Reaction Wetsuit

In this blog we will be looking at Blueseventy’s Reaction Wetsuit! Available now at ProSwimwear.


About Blueseventy

Blueseventy began as a brand in 1993 and quickly rose to become a favourite for wetsuits with Ironman and triathlete competitors. This led to an expansion to include race swimwear and goggles in the early 2000’s.

The core of the brand is, and always has been, centralised around being a “swimmer’s” brand, and at the forefront of fabric technology.


Ready for Reaction

The Reaction wetsuit has a reputation for being one of the most flexible wetsuits in the water. It is packed with hi-tech features that makes it one of Blueseventy’s best wetsuits yet! Here are some of the incredible features of this Blueseventy Reaction available in men's and women's suits. BS1



This wetsuit has 2mm side panels which improves the fit of the wetsuit to your body. Not only this, but it also gives you an ease of body rotation which creates a natural stroke when you’re in the water. 

VO2 Chest Panel

There is a panel in the chest with a central split which means that you can get greater expansion of the chest when you are breathing. It also means that your breathing will be unimpeded whilst you swim.

Quick Exit Legs

There are lower leg panels of 2mm that maximize flexibility within the suit. This also promotes a quick release from the suit when you are in the transition. As well as these features it also has reinforced taping on the internal seams, which allows you to cut the leg to the desired length. 


The Reaction has an amazing 4-5-4 panel design! It centralises the core and uses buoyancy which helps effectively raise the position of the hips. It is also equipped with two 4mm chest panels. These accent the natural lung buoyance and optimises the position of your body relative to your legs. The 5mm neoprene provides hip and lower torso support which raises your body in the water. This ensures a drag reduction and makes you faster. The 5mm panels in the back of the hips allow a raised body position when rolling to the side during breathing.


Other Amazing Features BS2

The Reaction Wetsuit also has reactive stretching technology (RST) which gives the suit an ultra-stretch jersey and improves arm mobility and propulsion. There is a lowered collar which significantly improves comfort. There are S-Grip Panels which provide extra grip, and finally an Aquaseal which is a 4-way stretch fabric which stops unwanted water entry at the wrists.


Never go unprepared

Blueseventy have a wide variety of wetsuits available at Proswimwear. They have many different performance wetsuits for men and women. They also have swimwear and general wetsuits!

To be completely ready for action they also have a selection of goggles and accessories available too! At ProSwimwear we also stock some amazing wetsuits for occasions such as triathlon, open water and swimrun

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