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FINIS have been bringing us innovative swimming accessories for many years now. If you're looking for a piece of swimming equipment that is perhaps a little unusual, then FINIS is the company to look at. Of course they're also great at all the usual stuff (like kickboards, swimwear and snorkels), it's just that they've been willing to take a chance and think outside the box to create interesting new equipment for swimmers.

Today we're taking a good look at the latest addition to their underwater MP3 player family, the FINIS Duo MP3 Player. This is perhaps the fourth or fifth generation of MP3 player to come out of the FINIS labs and the technology has come a long way since the first inception.

The main feature which makes the FINIS Duo audio so astoundingly clear underwater is the “Bone Conduction Technology”.  A lot of companies have attempted their own version of an underwater mp3 player but all of them have used a traditional ear bud type listening system which often sounds muffled when worn in the water and the ear buds have a habit of falling out! The specially designed headphones on the FINIS Duo are designed to sit on your cheekbones rather than on your ears. The audio waves are transmitted via bone conduction, which transmits the vibrations of the audio waves to your cheek and jaw bones in such a way that it is picked up by your inner ear to deliver a crystal clear sound. It's a strange feeling at first, hearing without your ears, but you get used to it very quickly.


- “I completely love this product! I swim regularly and although I love swimming in silence, I rarely get the chance as there is often a class in the pool or just lots of people. Listening to music (or a book / podcast) has given me back the relaxing isolation that I love.” -

The original bone conduction mp3 player, the FINIS SwiMP3, made a huge impact when it first hit the market in 2005 after a long development process. The SwiMP3 was revered in Time magazine as one of the top sporting goods of the year! Since then, FINIS have been refining and improving on their MP3 players almost every year.Finis Swimp3

After the original SwiMp3, which only had 1gb of storage, FINIS introduced an updated 2gb version a few years later. Then we we saw further development of the bone conduction technology in the Neptune MP3 and later the Neptune V2. Now the technology has reached it's most advanced state in the Duo Mp3 Player.

The Duo has received some glowing reviews from customers online so far, it's only been on sale for a few months but has proved itself more reliable, with a longer battery life and higher quality audio than it's predecessors.


- “Sound quality is really good, better than I had expected. The sound is actually better when under water. Previously had a Speedo MP3 player for quite a few years until it finally stopped working and I thought the quality of that was good but this Finis is definitely better, plus no ear plugs that might occasionally fall out.” -

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