The Best Anti-Fog Goggles: Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe

Here at ProSwimwear we love to highlight the latest innovations in swimming technology – and what better way to continue this than taking a closer look at the new Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe goggles. These are Arena’s latest goggle release and the most complete swimming goggles on the market for competition and racing.

Goggle Anti-fog

Don’t Forget To Rinse!

First things first – don’t forget to rinse your Cobra Ultra Swipe goggles. Before you get started with swiping the fog away from your new swimming goggles, you must remember to give them a rinse with water! You can use shower water, you can dip them in the pool, give them a squirt from your water bottle or you can even give the insides a lick with your tongue – although we’d probably stick to the first two options!

Anti-fog Protection

Arena have proudly announced that the Cobra Ultra Swipe includes the most advanced Anti-fog protection EVER as part of its sleek design. Due to the construction of the goggle’s mirrored lenses, this revolutionary swimming goggle technology can be ‘reactivated’ when signs of fogging begin to appear – all with the simple swipe of your finger. With other goggles, cleaning with your finger is bad practice as it removes the protective lens layer, however this won’t happen with the Ultra Swipe!  


Clear Vision Goggles

Longer Lasting Clear Vision

The Cobra Ultra Swipe goggles have been subject to rigorous scientific testing during their creation, in order to make them the most complete swimming goggles on the market and improve upon the previous Arena Cobra Swipe model. These Ultra Swipe goggles benefit from an advanced chemical composition on the lenses, that means once the goggles have been swiped clear, they stay that way for 10 times longer than other models! Arena have called this ‘Swipe Anti-Fog’ technology.   

Improved Design

The design of the Cobra Ultra Swipe has also been developed to improve upon other swimming goggles by offering an enhanced visual scope, drag reducing shape and a customisable but secure fit. The lateral vision of the goggles has been increased to give you a wider picture of the pool, and five interchangeable nose bridges are included for comfortable positioning. Overall, these swimming goggles have been designed with one thing in mind – speed when racing!  

At ProSwimwear we have the largest online collection of swimming goggles for adults and kids, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your needs. Whether that’s racing, leisure or specific prescription frames and lenses; take a look at our extensive range today! The Cobra Ultra Swipe also has a Tri goggle design specifically for triathlon – take a look here!


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