New Fashion Prints From Amanzi Swimwear

If you’re in to colourful swimming costumes with interesting and fashion-conscious prints then you simply must check out Amanzi swimwear. We’ve just received the new Autumn/Winter swimwear collection at ProSwimwear titled “High Summer”. You may think it a little confusing to have an Autumn/Winter collection titled “High Summer” but all becomes clear when you know that Amanzi originates from Australia, where they’ll be just about start their Summer season, at the same time we in the northern hemisphere begin our Winter.

The point is that we’ve got a load of new swimsuits with the freshest designs on chlorine resistant material. All Amanzi swimsuits feature a soft and comfortable inside lining for extra security and confidence. They’re a popular training suit for swimmers and triathletes due to their long-lasting nature and vibrant colourful designs.

Check out some of the images below for a taste of the new collection…

Amanzi Swimsuits
 Amanzi Swimming Costume
Amanzi Swimsuit 
 Amanzi Swim
 Amanzi Swim
 Amanzi Swim suit









All these swimsuits and more available now. Click here to browse the full range of Amanzi Swimwear at ProSwimwear today!


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