Advanced Swim Training Techniques - How to improve your body roll and streamline positioning

Are you ready to get a bit geeky with your swimming? Do you feel like you've utilised all the normal training tools to their maximum potential? Today we're going to be talking about some more unusual swim training equipment that can take you beyond what a kickboard and pullbuoy can give you.

Tech Toc

As most swimmers and coaches know, improving stroke efficiency often requires precise technique correction that calls for private instruction and underwater filming, but most of all, TIME. From the busy coach with tens of athletes in one practice to the fitness swimmer training solo, the Tech Toc is an ideal solution for implementing efficient technique throughout drill sets or everyday workouts. Using the Tech Toc will reinforce hip rotation, body symmetry and rhythm - all of which are key factors in developing an efficient stroke. The top of the Tech Toc can be rotated 90 degrees to be used in either long axis (Free/Back) or short axis strokes (Breast/Fly). Watch the video below for more information.


The FINIS Tech Toc is a simple training tool worn around the waist that provides swimmers with instant stroke feedback and ensures proper hip position during all four strokes. Made of a plastic capsule, the Tech Toc ball bearing and acoustic amplifiers create a distinctive sound as the device is tipped from side to side.

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Hip Rotatorhip_1

The Mad Wave Hip Rotator training tool is new to ProSwimwear! The hip rotation tool straps around the waist like a belt and features two fins that produce resistance in the water. In swimming, a lot of power comes from your hips, making the Hip Rotator an important training tool.The Hip Rotator improves core strength by strengthening the muscles that help you to rotate in the water. It teaches you to rotate quickly, completely and symmetrically. And it helps you to identify and develop proper timing of the hips, arms and body. If your timing is not correct, for example, if you pull first and then rotate, your hands or arms will hit the Hip Rotator as they exit the water. But if you lead with the hips and connect the hip rotation to the start of your pull then your hands and arms will not collide with the Hip Rotator fins.

Primarily used for freestyle and backstroke, but can also be useful for developing breaststroke technique.4ggtwl22jqc_1The real benefits are felt when the Hip Rotator is removed. Even after swimming as little as 100 metres! When the resistance is eliminated the lessons you've learned about timing will still be there and you'll be swimming more efficiently!

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Blucore Corsuit

I've highlighted the BluCore Corsuit in previous blog entries so I'll just touch on it here. The Corsuit is a swim training tool that provides tactile feedback on your posture and body position. If you want to swim super-efficiently, and not waste any energy in the pool then I can highly recommend taking a look at what the Blucore Corsuit can help you to achieve.


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So there you have it, three training tools that you may not have considered before. Proper use of these training tools can help your swimming to progress by leaps and bounds! If you're lucky enough to have a swim coach helping you along, ask them about their opinions these tools for your swimming development. Tweaking your technique can make a huge difference to your swimming, much more than endlessly swimming laps ever could!


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