Adidas Announces The New Adizero XVI Technical Swim Suit

Adidas Adizero XVI Technical Swim Suit


On Wednesday Adidas announced the all new Adizero XVI Technical swim suit in Munich, Germany. We at ProSwimwear were invited to attend the reveal and managed to get some inside information about the Adizero XVI Technical Swim Suit.

Adidas themselves have been out of the swimming world for a while now and have just set their sites for the top with this massive announcement. Over the past couple months Adidas have signed new athletes to sponsor ready for Rio. With the new Adizero they are going to be a force to be reckoned with at the competition.

In 2009 Adidas had lost faith in the swimming scene when changes to the rules set back more advanced suits, this resulted in older suits being standard at competitions. However, now with years of research about swimming materials, styles and body types it has allowed Adidas to work on creating materials that deliver top level performance whilst staying within the rules of Fina.

As you can see from our exclusive photos the Adizero XVI has both a jammer and full body suit. The suit itself has a interesting colour scheme and core design allowing for a standout look and high performance. Unfortunately we couldn't find out the exact material components of the technical swim suit however we are sure Adidas will release more in depth information down the line.

Adizero Jammer/Full Body Suit

During our visit to the 250 acre site outside of Nuremberg we found out that Adidas' sponsored athletes loved the Adizero XVI and had three core reasons why the Adrizero XVI is going to be a favorite among professional swimmers.

Suit Fit:

This is a must have factor for any wearable product. Like your favorite piece of clothing it needs to be comfortable, durable and do the task it is created to do. To create the optimal swim suit at last years European championships Adidas used a body scanner to scan hundreds of professional athletes to find out what the common form for competitive swimmers was. During this research they discovered that predominant breast strokes differ to all other swimming strokes resulting in two different suits being needed for competitive swimming, one for breast stroke and one for free style. They have taken this information on board and incorporated these factors into the Adizero XVI allowing it to really shine!

Suit Glide:

Adidas have spent years testing different materials to see which one is the best for certain competitions. Factors such as hydrodynamics have been tested and pushed to the limits to see which combination of materials allow you to go as fast as possible when in the water. Another area of a top quality swim suit is the ability to retain shape when in the water, small frays and weakened areas lower the overall performance of a swim suit and Adidas have found out how to prevent these types of issues from occurring. Creating the perfect suit is a difficult task made tougher through Fina's strict rules of competitive suits, so creating a super smooth material is pointless if it isn't approved by Fina. Adidas know this and have worked non-stop to create a swim suit that is as close as you can go to the edge of Fina's approval without breaking any rules.

Power Return:

When you jump on a trampoline you want it to propel you back up into the air and it is exactly the same principal with any top quality swim suit, you want to to enhance your ability to go forward. The way the Adizero XVI gives extra power is through its strategically placed bands within the suit, when performing the starting dive for a competition the crouch just prior to the dive pulls on these bands creating extra tension, then once you hear the starting noise the motion of you pushing off the platform results in the bands releasing this stored tension and propelling you faster and further when entering the water. This also happens when performing a wall kick in competitions, the bend of the knees and turn of the body triggers these bands giving you that extra bit of power when pushing off again. This allows you to perform to your maximum potential and push yourself to be even faster!

These three core reasons make the Adizero XVI a force to be reckoned with in the swimming scene. Other competitors need to step up their game before Rio else it might be a Adidas whitewash with this revolutionary swim suit alongside all the new signings they have acquired!

Here is a sneak peak of the Adizero XVI in action at the launch event: