Adam Chillingworth: My go-to Kit and Swimming Equipment

What I Use:

Throughout my weekly training regime, I use a variety of swimming equipment and kit. The kit consists of goggles, caps and swim trunks, while equipment includes: a kickboard, pullbouy, hand and finger paddles, snorkel, fins, propellers and ankle weights. These numerous pieces are designed to help strengthen and reinforce technique while swimming and racing.

My Swim Kit

One of the essentials for swimming are goggles – most pools contain high levels of chlorine or other chemicals to keep the water free from bacteria. Goggles are important because they allow immersion in the water and prevent the irritation of your eyes from chlorine. For everyday training, I use the Madwave ‘Racer SW Mirror Azure’ which are comfy wide view goggles perfect for everyday training.

For racing, I use the Arena ‘Cobra Ultra’. Another essential for swimming are swim caps. Caps help reduce drag within the water and also helps to keep hair out of the face, while reducing the effects of chlorine on the fair. For training I use standard silicone caps, and for racing I use my team cap which is an Arena Dome racing cap.

The most essential part of kit is swim trunks. For training, I use training briefs from both Madwave and Speedo. While for racing I use a range of tech suits from Arena, Madwave, Finis and many others.

My Swim EquipmentAdam Chillingworth

Throughout my training, different pieces of equipment are used for different purposes - to improve different aspects of my swimming. My favourite piece of equipment is my pull/kick board. Pull buoys are primarily used to encourage faster development of upper body strength and help focus your mind on arm motion and breathing while eliminating the use of the legs. My pull buoy doubles as a kickboard, which can be useful. Kickboards eliminate the use of the upper body and allows swimmers to focus exclusively on a workout for the legs, hips and stomach muscles. Using a kickboard also gives swimmers a break from arm workouts and can emphasize the importance of using the legs.

Another commonly used and important equipment are hand and finger paddles - often used in conjunction with pull buoys. Paddles are designed to increase the hand surface area to enable greater forward momentum when the hands are pulled through the water in the correct position.

A great piece of equipment is the snorkel. There are many benefits to using snorkels in training, one of which allows for a more balanced stroke since breathing onto a dominant side is removed. This also allows for balancing the workload across both sides of your body and avoiding over-loading one of your shoulders. Snorkels also help to encourage the correct head position and forces you to keep a straight head as well as being great for long distance kick sets which can cause neck pains if carried out without snorkels.

Another piece often used are fins or ‘flippers’. Fins increase the surface area of your feet when kicking, allowing you to kick more efficiently and faster. They also help reduce the load which your shoulders take when swimming and increase overall strength and endurance of your legs, while also help improve ankle flexibility. Fins also allow you to experience swimming at high speeds which the swimmer may not be used to and helps to improve the body position while doing this. Propellers are mini turbines which are strapped around your waist and provide a very large amount of drag while swimming through the water. This allows for the reinforcement the correct technique.

Lastly, ankle weights are used in dive training to help and encourage a more powerful and forceful start of the blocks.


Why not find your go-to?

Thank you to Adam for giving us an insight into what you use to elevate your training! He explained wonderfully about how the right kit and swimming equipment is important.

If you’re interested in any of the products that Adam mentioned then we at ProSwimwear can help! The goggles he mentioned are the Mad Wave Racer SW Mirror Azure and the Arena Cobra Ultra. There is a great collection of training wear from Speedo and from Mad Wave. There are also brilliant performance suits in Arena, Mad Wave and Finis have great selection such as the Rival 2.0.

We also supply swimming equipment so you can help transform your next training session. We have kickboards, pull buoys, hand paddles, finger paddles, snorkels, and fins. We have more swimming training aids and plenty of other equipment to help you train at your best too!


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