5 Reasons To Love The New Speedo LZR Pure Intent & Valor

new speedo fastskin

The next generation of Speedo Fastskin tech suit is almost here!

Excitement has been building over the arrival of the all-new Speedo LZR Pure Intent and Speedo LZR Pure Valor, and we've not been disappointed.

With such an established and trusted global brand as Speedo, you know their race suits are going to deliver exceptional levels of performance.

And the fact they've spent the past three years developing the new Speedo LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor is really exciting. Speedo say they have covered more than 350,000 miles and worked closely with 330 elite swimmers during this development process.

At the Speedo Aqualab, the greatest minds in textile technology garment engineering, sports science, computational fluid dynamics, testing protocols and design have combined to produce this next generation tech suit.

Here, we take a look at the all-new Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent and Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Valor, and list our five top reasons why they will be the fastest and best yet.

Why We Love The Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent

new speedo fastskin lzr pure intent features

1) It provides even greater compression

The Speedo LZR Pure Intent boasts a compressive dual layering alongside improved seam placement in the legs of both the jammers and kneeskins.

This has been designed to provide maximum compression to key muscle groups in the legs.

2) It supports stronger kicks and harnesses power

As a result of this additional compression, the LZR Pure Intent is able to support a stronger kick and capitalise on the power generated by swimmers during their starts and turns.

3) It's even easier to put on

With its smart fusion of three new fabrics, the Speedo LZR Pure Intent is even easier to put on than its predecessors.

4) The fabric design is inspired by shark scale research

One of the coolest research methods has been Speedo's in-depth study of shark scales, which has resulted in what Speedo call 'turbulence management' in the men's LZR Pure Intent jammers.

They feature an innovative textured fabric zone on the rear, which has been designed to improve drag reduction and provide an even more hydrodynamic swim.

The women's kneeskins feature these textured fabric zones around the chest and rear.

5) It's even more comfortable

The flexible zoned compression design on the Speedo LZR Pure Intent makes it even more comfortable to wear, while also offering the swimmer a greater range of motion.

The women's kneeskin also has newly engineered precision straps, which feel more comfortable around the shoulders and allow a bigger range of movement.

Why We Love The Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Valor

new speedo fastskin lzr pure valor features

1) It's lighter than ever

The LZR Pure Valor is Speedo's most lightweight tech suit yet. It has been designed to be be light, flexible and fast.

2) It builds on the awesome LZR Racer Elite 2

We all loved the LZR Elite 2, and this new Speedo LZR Pure Valor has evolved from that hugely popular suit, benefitting from Speedo's very latest and most advanced technologies developed over the previous three years.

3) Greater core stability in the kneeskin

The Speedo LZR Pure Valor kneeskin will provide female swimmers with greater dual coverage around the abs, resulting in advanced core stability.

4) Improved muscle support

Both the LZR Pure Valor jammers and kneeskins benefit from greater muscle support in the legs. A new compressive inner leg seam offers more support during the kick.

5) New finishes improve hydrodynamics

The Speedo LZR Pure Valor has refined finishes which brings it in line with the technology found in the LZR Pure Intent.

The male jammers feature a new leg and waistband finish, while the female kneeskins have refined finishes around the neck and arm. These additions are designed to make the Speedo LZR Pure Valor even more streamlined than ever.

Speedo LZR Pure Intent & LZR Pure Valor - Your First Look


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