How To Finish A Tough Swim

How To Finish A Tough Swim

Now that the new year has come and gone, lots of swimmers are making their way back to the pool and encountering some special hurdles upon their return. Getting back into the groove of a workout routine can be quite challenging, and it's not always easy to stay motivated. Here are four strategies to assist swimmers in conquering a difficult workout.


Encourage Your Teammates

When swimmers assist others in pushing their boundaries, they can improve at surpassing their own limits, whether it's during training or a race. Getting motivated by teammates can give a swimmer a boost of energy. They'll encourage you to strive for your goals and provide a supportive community, all cheering on your successes!


Break Up The Workout

When you're in the middle of a lengthy workout, viewing the entire set as a single entity can be exhausting in itself. Instead of seeing it as one continuous repetition, try breaking it down into smaller segments. For instance, if you have to complete 1500, consider breaking it into three sets of 500, making it more manageable to process.


Remember Your Goals

Swimmers often encounter the challenge of staying motivated when they have to work out alone. To overcome this hurdle, one effective strategy is to constantly remind yourself of your training goals. Whether you're preparing for the upcoming college season, a Masters meet, or a marathon swim, keeping these objectives in mind can help you muster the motivation to jump out of bed and dive into the pool, even during those early morning sessions.


Focus On The Little Things

There are times when you come across a workout where it feels like no matter what you do, you're just swimming slowly. In such situations, a quick fix to salvage the practice session is to concentrate on one specific aspect of your technique that requires improvement. By honing in on a small detail of your stroke, it helps take your mind off how lengthy the workout seems.

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