3 New Swim Training Gadgets From FINIS

FINIS are market leaders in swim training equipment. They're constantly conducting research on swimming and developing products that will benefit swimmers. We're taking a look at three of their newest innovations which would make great Christmas gifts for any swimmer in your life.

Three of the latest releases from FINIS Inc are the Axis Buoy, Posture Trainer, and the Kick Pro. Today we're going to be taking a brief look at each product and how they can benefit your swimming.



Axis Buoy

FINIS Axis Buoy

The FINIS Axis Buoy was released back in September so is still a fairly new training tool, swimmers are getting used to the benefits that this new style of pullbuoy can bring. The axis buoy features two keyhole grips where you can insert your ankles for customised ankle buoyancy (rather than gripping between the thighs as with a traditional pullbuoy). This opens up new areas and makes different swim drills possible for your workout. The main benefits you'll discover straight away with this piece of swim training equipment are an improved body position in the water and better hip rotation. Focus on these elements of your stroke whilst training with the Axis buoy to bring added benefits to your regular swim stroke.

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Posture Trainer

FINIS Posture Trainer

Posture is key to efficient swimming. With bad posture/body position comes increased drag/resistance. Meaning you'll be working harder to move slower...not good! Nail your posture and you'll be slicing through the water at maximum efficiency. The high-end FINA approved tech suits pack in all the technology they can to make the swimmer as streamlined as possible, they do their best to eliminate any extraneous drag and unnecessary resistance. But, what if the swimmer isn't doing their part? What if they're causing extra resistance without knowing it?

This is where the FINIS Posture Trainer comes in. The compact tool straps around the head and provides tractile feedback on your body position and alignment in the water. If you're swimming correctly then you won't even notice the Posture Trainer, but should your spinal alignment slip, you'll feel a touch from the device on the back of your neck, between your shoulder blades.

Keeping the head in the correct position throughout the entire swimming motion has an effect along the whole body. Correct spinal alignment with elevate the hips, leading to a decrease in drag and can even help with generating an increased kick propulsion. Can be used for all four strokes and worn with goggles.

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Kick Pro

FINIS Kick Pro

If you're having some trouble with your breaststroke kick then the "Kick Pro" is the training tool for you. The Kick Pro works by limiting the range of motion in your legs. The neoprene cuffs are worn around the thigh, just above the knee and will "lock-out" when they reach a critical point. This keeps your breaststroke kick within the same boundaries each and every stroke, teaching you the optimum positioning and actions for your breaststroke kick through muscle memory.

“Breaststroke kick has evolved so much over the years and here at FINIS we wanted to develop a device that would teach the swimmer proper kicking style and help them build strength and muscle memory of that motion. The Kick Pro can also be used to teach proper flutter kick, making this a great universal tool for all kicking styles.” – John Mix, CEO, FINIS, Inc.

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So there you have it, three Christmas gift ideas for the swimmers in your life...


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