10 Powerful Ways for Swimmers To Stay Motivated All Season

Staying motivated can be tough for anyone who practices a sport. When you're a swimmer, finding the energy (both mental and physical) to get into the pool is often a challenge. It usually means having to get up early and it might require you to spend those early mornings with the rest of your team too. Not everyone is keen to be around other people in the early hours. If you struggle to keep yourself motivated for the whole season, there are some smart things you can do to keep going.

1. Set Some Goals And Challenges

It's always important to have something you can aim for, so set yourself some goals. Dream big when you plan your long-term goals, but be realistic with short-term goals, while making sure to challenge yourself. Tracking your progress can help you set and reach goals, more info on this in tip number 6.

2. Hang Out With The Right People

The people you spend your time with can make a huge difference to your positivity. You don't want to be around people who bring you down. So make sure you're not letting the negativity or bad habits of others lead you down the wrong path.

3. Make Sure You're Well Rested

Getting the right amount of sleep can be a tough one. You often have to get up early, which sometimes make you sleep late other days to "catch up" on sleep you miss. A solid sleep schedule will help you most.

4. Put Positive Spins On Setbacks

Everyone has to make mistakes or fail to meet their goals sometimes. If something goes wrong, don't let your negativity fester. Use any setbacks to find positives you can take from them and learn some lessons.

5. Find Some Greats To Look Up To

Having heroes is essential. You need people to look up to, whether it's the truly great, record-setting swimmers of the world or just your own coaches, mentors and teammates. Watch how they perform and listen to their advice too.

6. Keep Track Of Your Workouts

Keeping a record of what you've been doing to train helps you to track your progress and weed out your mistakes too. A swimming watch is perfect for tracking your progress, the FINIS swimsense has been designed to help all swimmers, from beginner to elite, tracking all of the essential data you need to beat targets, and set new ones. 

7. Reward Yourself

Sometimes just the adrenaline rush of a workout is enough to reward yourself, but it doesn't seem like one if you're struggling to get motivated. Come up with some things you can use as rewards for meeting your targets. Treat yourself to a new swimsuit, some new goggles every time you reach a target.

8. Keep Things Interesting

It's easy to get bored and lack motivation if you're doing the same thing over and over. To prevent yourself getting bored, switch up what you're doing so your routine stays interesting. Incorporating training aids is a great way to keep your training interesting, spend a session working with a pull buoy, carrying out various drills, then at your next session, swap the pull buoy out for a kickboard. There are plenty of training aids to choose from, all with their own unique benefits. 

9. Work On One Thing A Day

When you're heading to the pool, pick one thing that you're going to work on that day. Instead of letting other things distract you, focus on making improvements in that single area. Again, training aids can really help you focus on one thing.

10. Don't Wait For Motivation To Train

A lot of people think they always need to be motivated before they get into the pool. But it's often not until you get going that you really start to feel motivated. You have to motivate yourself, instead of waiting for it to come along.


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