Arena Powerfin Pro - Acid Lime

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Professional swimmers love these Arena Powerfin Pro swim fins! The innovative design of these training fins helps deliver incredible results on improving your kick technique and leg strength.

Wearing these fins for training drills will help you swim with a faster leg kick and better control, improving your entire underwater phase. They really are the ultimate Arena swim fins!

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It's easy to see why so many elite and professional swimmers pick the Arena Powerfin Pro as an essential training aid for their kit bag.

With their innovative design featuring a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits, wearing these Arena swim fins enables you to swim with a faster leg kick and better control.

The open heel on these 'acid lime' green fins delivers exceptional ankle flexibility and a powerful downward leg kick.

Using the natural resistance of the water to increase muscular activity, training with these Arena swim fins will strengthen your calves and ankles. You'll also develop a faster leg kick and better control.

Try training your legs vertically for just a few minutes using the Arena Powerfin Pro — a vertical leg kick will help you control your body position and ensure your leg kick is being performed properly.

You'll soon notice the incredible results and improvements to your entire underwater phase.


  • Inclined blade to produce maximum thrust
  • Short blades allow for high frequency kicks
  • Side rails give you better control
  • Open heel design for greater ankle flexibility
  • 'Acid lime' green colour
  • 100% silicone reduces chance of blisters
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