Yingfa Kickboard - Yellow

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This cool yellow and purple kickboard from Yingfa is a swim training aid that will allow you to target and tone the lower body which will improve your leg strength and kick technique. It has contoured sides to improve your grip and comfort.

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This Yingfa Kickboard will improve your balance and body position in the water to give you a better swimming technique, this Yingfa kicking board features a stylish yellow and purple design, is contoured to improve your grip and utilizes front and back ridges to aid the flow of water.

A kickboard isolates your legs so that you can concentrate on your technique as you are not having to think about your arms. Some swimmers rely too much on their arms and drag their legs through the water. This will make you swim slowly and tire you out quickly. By using a kickboard you and isolating your legs you will build up your lower body strength and swimming endurance, leading to a longterm improvement in your performance when you stop using the swimming kick board.

To use this kickboard rest your arms on the board and press your armpits down to bring your hips up in the water - if you just hold the kickboard your head will be up which makes your hips lower in the water creating drag. You should kick from your hips for a nice big powerful kick. Ankles should stay below the surface to create more leverage and forward motion.

Size: Length - 44cm, Width - 30cm
Material: EVA Foam

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