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Womens Swimwear Buying Guide

When you're buying a women's swimsuit online for the first time there can be a lot to take in. That's why we've put together this women's swimwear buying guide to help inform you about the different styles, materials and options when buying ladies swimwear online. We want you to get the perfect swimming costume to suit your needs and personal taste on the first try.




At ProSwimwear our focus is on athletic swimwear, whether it's for competitive swimming, aqua aerobics or swim fitness training.

We stock a huge range of swimsuits suitable for serious swimmers in a variety of styles!


Swimming costumes come in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. At ProSwimwear we stock chlorine resistant swimming costumes for swim training and FINA approved costumes for competitive swimming. Our range includes everything from the latest fun and funky women's swimsuits to sensible and serious athletic swimwear. If you're looking for a competitive swimming costume designed for swim racing, packed with the latest technology then head on over to our FINA approved womens swimwear category.


The womens kneesuit or legsuit is an increasingly popular style with athletic swimmers. Its uses range from aqua aerobics to competitive racing. You can find knee length swimwear in a huge range of styles and colours for almost any purpose. There's chlorine resistant kneesuits for training, racing kneeskins designed to move as fast as possible through the water, chlorine resistant legsuits for swim training and many more...


Two piece swimwear is more commonly seen on the beach that at the pool. However, in recent years we've seen two piece training bikinis grow in popularity, especially in the USA. We stock a range of sports swim bikinis for active use from brands like Arena, TYR and FunAqua.

Supportive Swimwear

We stock supportive swimwear for aqua aerobics or aqua fitness. If you're looking for extra confidence on poolside then take a look at our Womens Aquarobic category for a great range of supportive swimwear. These swimsuits feature full inside lining and a range of special elements designed to give a flattering look.

Womens Swimsuits  Womens Kneesuit  Sports Bikini  Supportive swimwear

Swimwear Materials.

If you're in the pool more than once a week as part of your fitness or training regime then you will want a swimming costume that's going to really last! Chlorine in swimming pools can break down the fibres in traditional Lycra swimwear, causing fading and stretching. Choosing the right swimwear material can really help you get the best value from your swimming costume.

PBT / Polyester

The best choice for regular swimmers is to buy a PBT/Polyester based swimming costume. PBT is designed to withstand the harmful effects of chlorine. These swimsuits resist fading and sagging up to 20 times longer than Lycra based swimwear!

Xtra Life Lycra

Xtra Life Lycra is Lycra swimwear that has been treated to resist chlorine for longer. It will not last as long as a polyester swimsuit but some swimmers find they get a better and more comfortable 'fit' from Xtra Life Lycra.


Lycra swimwear is a popular choice among many swimmers. you may not get as many swims for your money but Lycra swimsuits still provide the best fit and a luxuriously soft comfortable feel. If you don't mind too much about the life expectancy of your swimsuit but comfort, fit and feel are important to you then a Lycra swimsuit is a good choice.

Choose your swimwear material from our handy “Sort by” options on the left hand side of the page to only see swimsuits made from the fabric of your choice.

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Back Styles and Straps


Swim brands come up with new names for back styles every year.  For example, Speedo feature all these back styles and more: racerback, drop back, energy back, extreme back, fly back, fresh back, recordbreaker back and so on.  To make things a little easier, there are two basic types; Open back and Closed back.  All swimsuit backs will be a variation on these two types and include either thin or thick straps.


Openback Swimsuit  Closedback Swimsuit

Thick straps or wide straps are commonly found on racing swimwear and technical suits, the wide straps provide great support but can be uncomfortable when worn for extended periods of time.  You can also find a great selection of wide strap costumes for aqua aerobics or leisure swimming which provide an excellent level of support and great coverage for the more modest swimmer who isn’t content to go for that ‘barely there’ look.  Many swim brands produce their own line of body shaping or body sculpting swimwear benefiting from the use of thick straps like Speedo’s Body Sculpture collection.


Thinstrap Swimsuit

Thin strap swimming costumes have become increasingly popular in recent years with fitness swimmers.  Swimmers report that they can better “feel” the water when wearing thin strap (and open back) swimsuits.  Additionally thin straps provide a greater freedom of movement around the shoulders making them more comfortable for long swim sessions.  Serious swimmers who train every day will enjoy the benefits of a thin strap costume in their training sessions because of the comfort and ease of movement.


Thickstrap Swimsuit



Check the size chart!

You will find a size chart on every product page. Check it.

Always use the exact size chart for the product you are buying. Find out which measurements are required on the size chart and apply them all. Failing to take a measurement required by the size chart can result in disappointment when your new swimsuit is the wrong size and you have to send it back for an exchange. That is why we suggest taking all of your measurements before you start shopping, be sure you have picked the swimwear size that corresponds to your measurements and you should get the right fit on the first try!


How to navigate our site

All of our womens swimsuits are split into categories. You can find these categories in our navigation menus. Simply choose the category that best describes your needs then start browsing. As you search for your product take note of the “Category” and “Sort by” menus on the left hand side of the page. These can help you narrow down your search and find the product you want more easily.

If you only want to see kneesuit style swimwear in a size 30. Navigate to “Women's Swimwear” and then to “Knee Suits” in the category menu. You can then use the “Sort by” options to show only results with a women's size 30 in stock.

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