TYR Mens Hurricane Wetsuit Category 3

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This is TYR top of the range suit in the Hurricane series, created using the finest fabrics available. The suit’s outside is made exclusively of the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS rubber, which gives it unsurpassed buoyancy. The combination of super stretchy rubber with the soft jersey fabric on the interior makes for a superior fit and feel.

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TYR Mens Hurricane Wetsuit, Category 3.
With the goal to utilize most of the highlights of the Category 5 but deliver a suit at a fraction of the Category 5 cost, TYR created the Category 3.
Yamamoto Nano SCS rubber provides the best fitting competitive suit and combine that with the remaining highlights of the Category 5.


 • 360° Core Stabilization System: Five core stabilization panels precisely target the muscle groups to elevate the swimmer ensuring optimal body position and preservation of core strength over the long-term of the swimming race.

 • Free R.O.M. Zones: Eliminates constriction, allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach while placing no strain on the shoulder.

• Speed Wrap Panelling: Employing the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg, chest, and core to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag.

 • Graded Force Catch Panels: Thick graded panels are strategically aligned on the forearm to allow a catch-and-pull stroke like a built-in paddle. A thinner yet insulated layer lies under the riveted panel to allow a feel for the water while keeping the skin insulated.

 • Form Fitting Wrist Cuffs: Multi-stretch cuffs at the wrist allows powerful strokes while keeping water from entering the suit.

 • Quick Release Ankle Cuffs: Tapered legs allow the ankle of the suit to reverse and open for a quick and effortless removal during T1.

About Wetsuits:

Triathlon wetsuits have come a long way since their inception by Dan Empfield in the late 80's. Customised specifically to the requirements of triathletes, these wetsuits boast certain unique features that other wetsuit types lack. Triathletes have aided the progression of the triathlon wetsuit with their input, refining and improving the design year on year. Generally a Triathlon wetsuit will have thinner, more flexible neoprene around the shoulders for freedom of movement. To make the wetsuit quicker to remove during transitions, triathlon wetsuits tend to have a longer easy-reach zip. To make the swimmer more hydrodynamic tri wetsuits tend to have a smoother surface to reduce drag, making for a faster swim. Triathlon wetsuits also provide extra buoyancy to the triathlete, meaning energy is used more efficiently.


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