Swimmo Swimming Smart Watch - Black / White

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The Swimmo swimming watch has been designed to help you maximise your performance, whether that is for general fitness or in preparation of your next big race.

This waterproof fitness tracker allows you to track and analyse all aspects of your training in real time in the pool with live feedback and then dive deeper into the data once you have completed your session.

Feedback is given to the swimmer in two ways; via visual cues and real-time vibrations allowing you to monitor key metrics such as heart rate, laps completed, distance, pace and personal bests as well as calories burned.

Scroll down to find out how this wearable technology will supercharge your training sessions.

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Key Features of The Swimmo Swimming Fitness Tracker

In-Built Intensity Coach

Cardio training is a proven method for building stamina and endurance and VO2 Max. Staying in the correct heart rate zone is the perfect way to achieve these goals quickly and efficiently. Swimmo’s Intensity Coach lets you choose the heart rate zone that’s right for you. While in the pool you will be notified via vibrations and visual alerts when you go outside of your chosen zone, so you will instinctively know whether you need to swim slower or faster.

Immediate Feedback Alerts

Swimmo’s PaceKeeper allows you to receive immediate feedback alerts on your swim pace. The on screen notifications and vibrations will alert you to let you know whether to speed or to slow down against your chosen training plan.

Never Count Laps Again!

Focus on your swimming, not on counting laps with this swim lap counter watch. Swimmo will record precise times for every lap you swim, allowing you to review your performance both during and after your session.

Set Your Own Goals

Choose the number of calories you would like to burn, the pace you would like to swim at, the distance you would like to swim or simply the duration of your workout and let Swimmo monitor your progress.

Track Real Time Progress

Smart vibrations will let you know when you have reached 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your training goal/s for your session.

Know When You Have Beaten Your PBs!

You will receive a notification every time you beat your personal records or achieve a new goal that you have set.

Swimmo Mobile App

Available on both Android and Apple iOS the Swimmo app allows you to store all of your data, history, watch settings, and custom goals in one place. The watch is also designed to work with other popular fitness tracking apps such as Strava, Runkeeper and Mapmyfitness so that you can keep, analyze, share and compare workouts with friends.

Swimmo is constantly being updated with new features designed to help you track and improve your performance.

What Metrics Does The Swimmo Swimming Watch Track?

Track Your Swim Metrics:

  • Laps (auto count)
  • Lap-by-lap times
  • Distance (yards or meters)
  • Pace / Speed
  • Duration / Time
  • Kick & Drill Tracking Mode

Track Your Biometrics:

  • Heart rate (Swimming)
  • Heart rate (Resting)
  • Heart rate (Other activities)
  • Calories Burned

Swimmo Technical Specifications:

Wrist size: 5.9" - 8.3" (150-210 mm)

Screen size: 1.3 inches

Weight: 1.94 oz (55 grams)

The Swimmo smart swimming watch comes with a USB charging cable, a supporting app for Android and Apple iOS, a quick start manual, a warranty and support for multiple languages.

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