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Triathlon Europe

Triathlon Europe

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Triathlon Europe

Essential kit you will need for triathlon swim training sessions each week:
Swimsuit or trunks
Swim cap
Drink bottle
Pull Buoy
Ankle band
Kickboard (optional)
Hand paddles -
Finis Freestyler to develop correct hand entry and optimal catch
Finis Fulcrum to work on propulsive catch and power (use the size guide on the product page to identify which pair you will need S-XL)
Finis PT hand paddles to help consolidate using a high elbow catch, feel for the water and improving body rotation
Optional kit you will need during the Spring and Summer months as the triathlon season approaches:
Wetsuit or speedsuit for the group open water swim practice sessions
  • Hydration & nutrition
  • Transition bag
  • Spare kit for warm up and/ or post-race
  • Triathlon race kit 
  • Number belt & race number
  • Wetsuit for sea, lake and river open water triathlon swims when the water temperature is below 22°C (1500m), 23°C (1501-3000m) or 24°C (30001-4000m)
  • 2 pairs of goggles - mirrored or tinted to assist sighting the course during early morning triathlon swim starts, often into a rising sun!
  • Anti-fog goggle spray
  • Swim cap - use a spare swim cap to put on first, followed by your goggles, then the race issue swim cap over the top of the goggle straps. This strategy will ensure your goggles remain on your head and not get lost completely should you experience any 'rough and tumble' from the weather or water conditions or even your fellow competitors during a triathlon swim.
  • Bodyglide or wetsuit-friendly lubricant for your neck and any other body friction risk areas (Eg: armpits/ shoulders)
  • HRM*
  • Spare water/ energy drink bottle to sip on before the start
  • Triathlon bike shoes
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Nutrition, hydration
  • HRM*
  • Small towel*
  • Elastic bands to set bike shoes on pedals in an upright position*
  • Running trainers
  • Nutrition, hydration
  • Elastic laces*
  • Socks*
  • Visor or hat*
  • Spare sunglasses*
* Optional items, depending on the distance you are racing - Sprint, Olympic, Middle/ 70.3 or Ironman/ long course triathlon.

Fiona Ford
British Triathlon L3 coach
Head coach - Triathlon Europe Ltd
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