Tewkesbury Swimming Club

Tewkesbury Swimming Club

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Any purchases made using this link will save you money – and raise funds directly for Tewkesbury Swimming Club.

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Tewkesbury Swimming Club Making Dreams Come True.

• Swimming costume any (Fina compliant if competing at L1, Regional or National level)

• Goggles - any

• Water bottle - any

• Swimming hat - Tewkesbury Swimming Hat for competitions - (available via club shop)

• Flippers (any suitable - also available from club shop)

• Optional - club bag, polo shirt, hoodie - (available via club shop)

• Swimming competitions - TSC Polo Shirt (hoodies optional) via club shop, 2 costumes, 2 goggles, suitable food and drink, towel Land training - comfortable exercise clothing, trainers and drinks. When representing the club swimmers are expected to wear as a minimum TSC Polo Shirt (& TSC Hat if swimming) with other suitable clothing

TSC club shop available Tue and Fri's at Cascades

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