The following items have been recommended by your coach.

To purchase club caps, please purchase these from the club desk at training.

Goggles are your individual choice, you can find a large range in the goggle section of this website


Finis foam adult kickboard or Speedo elite kickboard (£14.99 or £16.99)

Speedo elite pull buoy (£12.99)

Finis swimmers adult snorkel (£24.99) + Speedo universal nose clip (£3.99)

Speedo power paddles (size preference) (£11.99)

Speedo training fins (£16.99) or Finis zoomers gold training fins (£26.99)

Arena or Speedo mesh bag (£9.99 or £6.29)

Goggles (preference)

Water bottle

Putteridge hat (Desk)

We can't find products matching the selection.
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