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Squad swimmers need the following kit for training and competitions.  All should be named, in good working order, and fit correctly.

Training Kit

·         Swimming costume or trunks

·         Goggles (preferably two pairs)

·         Norwich Swan hat –available from Norwich swan club

·         Kick board

·         Pull buoy

·         Fins – short variety not long fins.

·         Paddles (Regional, County squads only)

·         Drinks bottle (700ml+) - two for 2hr sessions

·         Mesh bag to hold everything!


Competition Equipment

·         Two Norwich Swan hats

·         Two pairs of racing goggles

·         Two racing swimming costumes

·         Two towels (one for between races, one for after the gala)

·         Norwich Swan Club kit (to be worn at all times) – available from Norwich swan club

·         Green/black shorts or trousers to wear on poolside

·         Flip-flops (or similar) for poolside

·         At least 1 litre of fluid (water or sports drink)

·         Snacks for between races (eg. bananas, energy bars)

John Digby (Head Coach)


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