Mosconi Frontal Snorkel Pro - Neon Pink

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This Mosconi Frontal Snorkel is designed to help swimmers work on their stroke technique in training sessions.  More information available below...

Great piece of training equipment from Mosconi for working on stroke technique. The Frontal Snorkel allows you to focus your efforts not on breathing, but on working on your swim stroke.  Having the frontal snorkel attached means that you won't have to turn your head in order to breathe, this allows you to build up and maintain a natural breathing pattern whilst swimming. 

This breathing pattern helps to deliver regular fresh oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to swim further and faster for longer, without experiencing as much aching in your muscles!  The snorkel helps to build up CO² tolerance (important for heavy exercise) and VO² Max (Maximum Oxygen capacity whilst exercising).  A great training tool for swimmers or triathletes.

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Season AW15
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