Mad Wave Swim Fins - Long Blade

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Become more confident in the water while swimming with these Mad Wave Swim Fins!

They come with a long fin blade allowing you to develop a swimming kick which is long and efficient making it perfect for beginner swimmers and activites like snorkeling scuba-diving!

By wearing these fins you will be taught correct body positioning through their positive buoyance which is vital to becoming better at swimming.

These Mad Wave Swim Fins have been engineered to improve your leg muscle strength which in-turn improves your swimming speed and performance over long and short distance swimming!

The long blade of the Mad Wave Swim Fins promotes a slow, strong kick which is essential for beginner swimmers allowing you to practice at your own pace whilst the the swim fin enforces a correct body alignment and feet positioning.

Without swim fins you will find your muscles will get overworked and therefore you will be unable to maintain a fast pace for a long period of time, by wearing long blade fins like these you will be able to kick faster and for longer than ever before. Fin swimming will not only improve your leg strength, but will also improve your cardiovascular strength giving you long-term performance gains!

This fin can be used by all levels of swimming to boost cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts, but we highly recommend them to beginner swimmers or for those needing a kick with added propulsion such as those engaging in scuba diving or snorkeling.


Build Leg Strength
Train your legs muscles for increase speed speed and endurance

Longer Blade
Promotes long slow kicks which is essential for beginner swimmers.

Closed Heel Design
Creates a comfortable and secure fit which inhibits hyper-flexion(tearing or deformation of posterior ligaments)

Blade Angle
The Long Fin blade aligns with the natural angle of the foot, promoting a proper kick

Ankle Flexibility
Increases flexibility and range of motion for a more free and efficient swim kick

Positive Buoyancy
These swim fins aid your floating helping to give confidence and reassurance to beginners

100% Natural Rubber
Long lasting and durable

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