Goggles cannot be worn in a pool and then returned to ProSwimwear for refund or exchange. So, it is key to try the goggles first before swimming.

The important thing when buying goggles is to remember that not all goggles fit all face shapes perfectly. Different pairs of goggles will provide different fits on different faces. In order to get the best fit and achieve a comfortable, leak-free swim, you'll first need to figure out which type of goggles works for you.

Most swimming goggles have adjustable nose bridges and straps, but the key thing is to get a goggle shape and gasket that fits the shape of your eye socket and makes an airtight seal.

Gaskets are the soft rubber seals around the eyes. Some goggles have large gaskets, some have micro-gaskets and some have no gaskets at all.

The Suction Test Goggles Suction Test

The best test to find the right for your swimming goggles is to push them in place without the head strap. If the goggles stay in place without the strap for 2 to 3 seconds, then you have achieved suction and a good fit. With the head strap in place, this suction (seal) should be maintained.

The Nose Bridge Goggles Nose Bridge

You may have to change or adjust the nose bridge to achieve a perfect seal around your eyes. If the goggle falls straight away it is very unlikely that you will be able to achieve a water tight seal even with the head strap in place and adjusted tightly.

When trying on the goggles, the nose bridge should not come into contact with your nose. If it does, it is likely to cause irritation during long swimming sessions.

Try out a few different styles

Another great way to find a pair of swim goggles that works for you, is to ask friends if you can try their goggles during swimming sessions. This allows you to get a feel for different types of goggles and come to a conclusion about what type or style of swimming goggles will be right for you.


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