Yingfa 9205 Range

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  • Yingfa Racing Suits
  • Yingfa Racing Suits

  • Yingfa Racing Suits


    Flatlock Seams

    Made with Italian Lycra and specifically designed with Flatlock Seams allowing for reduced muscle vibration and oscillation. The fabric also compresses the body so that you can save energy, reduce drag and also enhances the swimmers streamlined silhouette.

  • Yingfa Racing Suits


    Cuts Through Water

    Sharkskin Material is specifically designed after the incredible water abilities of sharks themselves. This means it has elevated this material to have the same ability to cut through water as just like the shark it was modelled after.

  • Yingfa Racing Suits


    Teflon Coating

    The Teflon Coating, that is usually paired with the Sharkskin material, channels water and helps to reduce resistance, allowing better gliding distance in the water.

  • Yingfa Racing Suits


    Fast and Lightweight

    This swimwear is ideal for competition swimming due to the 'light in water' nature of the swimwear. It is also quick drying, and has great water repellency properties.

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