Chia Charge

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Chia Charge Flapjacks

Chia Charge make delicious and healthy flapjacks that are perfect for providing an instant energy boost before your next big swim meet or training session.

A Chia Charge flapjack bar contains a combination of fast and slow-burn carbohydrates that will keep you performing at your best for longer.

Baked in Yorkshire, Chia Charge bars are made using only real ingredients and all of them contain chia seeds for Omega 3 and antioxidants to assist muscle and joint recovery.

You can start enjoying the benefits of a Chia Charge flapjack now, as ProSwimwear stock them in a variety of tasty flavours including salted caramel, berry, banana and original.

Shop our Chia nutrition store now and choose from buying an individual Chia Charge flapjack, or make a big saving by purchasing a box containing 20 Chia Charge bars.

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