These Zoggs Goggles Will Transform Your Next Swim

In this blog we will look at Zoggs Goggles available now at ProSwimwear.

Looking through the Lens: Zoggs

Zoggs is a renowned company with an unrivalled passion for swimming. Beginning in the home of swimming, Australia, they began by creating innovative swim goggles that changed the game forever. Although their goggles are still at the heart of their brand, they have branched out into swimwear too.

The goggles have elevated to giving you an underwater experience like never before with comfortable and durable goggles that can give you the best view yet! The range of swimming goggles is unparalleled with goggles for training, for leisure and even goggles designed to help children learn to swim. This is a brand for the people, and the people love Zoggs.  


Zoggs Phantom 2.0Zoggs Phantom 2.0

The Zogg Phantom swim goggles are always high quality and keep their standard of excellence. They reduce glare in bright conditions and amplify light in low level conditions.

They are packed full of Zoggs incredible features such as anti-fog treatment which offers extra moisture control, curved lens technology which gives you a peripheral vision of 180 degrees! Not only this but just like all Zoggs goggles it ensures maximum UV protection.

The Zoggs Phantom 2.0 could be the goggles that transform your next swim. They are hi-tech, versatile goggles that are perfect for swims both inside and out. So, what could transform your swim more than a multi-purpose pair of Zoggs goggles with a lightweight and contoured fit? There is no swimming occasion where these goggles won’t serve your water needs.


Zoggs Ultima Air TitaniumZoggs Ultima Air Titanium

These Ultima Air Titanium swimming goggles have many amazing and distinct features such as mirror lenses, which are ideal for swimming underneath the bright sun.

Some of the other features the swim goggles have are curved lens technology with 180-degree peripheral vision, air cushion technology to reduce markings and discomfort around the eyes as well as an Easy Adjust silicone strap which provides comfort, strength and durability.

These goggles will change your next swim! The air cushion technology that they utilise is exclusive to Zoggs in the UK! They also have a distinctive style which takes design inspiration from sunglasses as well as applying the Zoggs Air Seal Technology on to a one-piece framed goggle! So, if you want to be stand-out, stylish and see easily underwater these are the goggles that will change the way you swim!


Zoggs Predator Flex 2.0 Polarized UltraZoggs Predator Flex 2.0 Polarized Ultra

The Predator Flex 2.0 Polarized Ultra has hi-tech features perfect for racing. The lenses filter blue light to cut out glare and reflect light in bright conditions.

They also have a super soft silicone seal and a quick adjust silicone strap that both provide extra comfort and durability. As well as being extra comfortable they come with the classic Zogg’s features of maximum UV protection, anti-fog protection and curved lens technology for that 180-degree peripheral vision.

What makes these goggles perfect for your next swim is their extra flexibility. They have a unique 4 Flexpoint Technology for enhanced frame flexibility, and a v-groove side clip that adds even more flexibility. As well as this it has a new streamlined fluiddynamic profile. With so much flexibility, you can make room for the Predator Flex for your next swim!


Zoggs don’t stop…

So, visit the ProSwimwear Zoggs store! They have a wide range of the highest quality goggles for adults and specifically for kids! Why not try out goggles from the people who have goggles at their heart?

Aside from the ground-breaking swim goggles, Zoggs have expanded their excellence into swimwear too! From men’s jammers, boy’s jammers, women’s swimsuits, and girl’s swimsuits!

And they even have swim caps and a whole host of swim-changing accessories that you can’t miss!

So why swim the same when you can totally transform your swim today?

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