Swimmers - This Is Why You Should Be Using Chlorine Removal Spray!

Swim Spray

Problem - Chlorine (bleach) is extremely difficult to wash off the human body.

Why? - Because it chemically bonds to the body's proteins.

1.  From a chemical standpoint, the exterior of the human body (eg. Hair, skin and nails) is made from proteins. All proteins are made of amino groups, which have nitrogen atoms, also called amines.

Swimspray2.  Bleach chemically reacts with amines, forming a layer of chloramines which is chemically bonded to the human body. Experts in sanitation refer to this layer of chloramines as “chlorine cover”.

Swimspray3.  Swimmers notice that the chlorine layer and smell on their hair and skin persists after swimming despite using copious amounts of shampoo and soap.Swimspray

4.  To eliminate the chloramine layer, one must break the nitrogen-chlorine bonds. The nitrogen-chlorine bond does not simply was away like oil or dirt.Swimspray

5.  Shampoos and body washes do not remove chlorine because they are formulated with surfactants to wash away oil and dirt and their lathering agents are not compatible with the ingredients that neutralize chlorine.Swimspray

6.  The best way to eliminate chlorine is to use a powerful antioxidant to neutralize the bond chlorine has the with hair and skin. SwimSpray is the only patented vitamin C antioxidant formula proven to eliminate chlorine odour and irritation from hair and skin

Solution - SwimSpray is a patented antioxidant formula that removes the chlorine layer on your hair and skin.