Love is in the Water – Why we love swimming!

Happy Valentines, everyone! It’s that time of the year where everyone celebrates the people in their lives that they love. It is always important to appreciate the people around you – but it is also nice to appreciate the one thing thousands of us have in common… our love of swimming!

Here are some of the reasons why we love swimming:


  1. It’s Fun!

One of the main reasons why anyone starts to swim – it’s fun! The feeling of being in the water compares to no other. It poses new challenges to use that are fun because they are so different to our everyday life! We enter another territory, deal with new challenges and find successes that we’d never thought about.

When you enter this new world, it becomes a second home, and even on the hard days being in the water is fun!


  1. The Swim Community

Even as we are stepping out of the pool, we don’t leave it behind. We are embraced by friends wanting to have discussions, coaches with our best interests at heart and returning to families who become our biggest fans.

There are always people who understand. People who are always cheering you on. We have our own small communities and even they exist in wider communities. Other teams, other countries in sports like the Olympics. We all share the love of the pool – and that brings people together in a community that remains with us.


  1. SwimmerPersonal Achievements

Swimming has allowed us to exceed any achievement that we thought we were capable of getting. It has given us bigger dreams than we ever thought possible. The natural toughness of the sport encourages us to dig deep and reach targets that once would have seemed crazy.

It gives us big achievements and teaches us to have bigger dreams. We now have a sharp determination, relentless perseverance and more opportunities than ever before. Swimming doesn’t just open a new door – it breaks down walls.


  1. The Sport

Not only is it something that benefits us personally, or as a community, it also opens our eyes to the world of swimming as a sport. We are constantly awed at the impressive times our swim heroes are hitting. We watch history remake itself constantly as the people we look up to have dedication like we’ve never seen before.

We watch the national games, the worlds, the counties, the Olympics. It doesn’t matter what level - we are there to watch it all happen. Even though everyone is considered competition we are competing against the same people who inspire us to do just that. 


  1. Swim Necessity

For anyone who loves swimming, we know that once it becomes a part of our lives that is it. It becomes an integrated part of daily life. Swim practice happens as naturally as going to bed or waking up. Taking a day off can even feel strange sometimes. We can miss the water just hours after practice.

It is such a unique experience, one inspired by passion, an enjoyment of hard-work and enthusiasm to improve that it becomes something we need to do. We have a community of people we share this unique experience and going a day without chatting to them feels wrong. It’s a part of our lives, becomes a part of us, and we’re okay with that. We love it.


No matter what your relationship is with swimming, it can be agreed that it is a love for the ages. Whether we're swimming for months or years it is a part of our lives ALWAYS.

We celebrate swimming every day. We love swimming, and that’s what brings us all together.



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