Why You Need Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Why You Need Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

Did you know that all the chlorine in a swimming pool could actually damage your swim suit? It’s true! And, unfortunately, not many people are aware of this. So, when they need to buy a new suit, they always go for style over substance and end up with a chlorine-damaged swimsuit. This isn’t any good for regular swimmers who spend hours each week training in the pool!

Let's look at why swimming pools use chlorine and what it can do!

Swimming pools use chlorine to kill all the dangerous bacteria in the water. When chlorine is added it not only kills bacteria in the water, but it remains in the water in order to fight further bacteria that is brought in later. Unfortunately, this chemical can fade the colour in swimwear. Not only that, though, but the chlorine can also damage the fabrics in some swimsuits, often leaving them out of shape and the colours faded.
Very often we receive calls from customers saying their hair has started going green! Regular swimmers will usually be aware of this however not many people are aware that's it's not just the chlorine that turns your hair green, without getting too technical on the matter, its is slight traces of metal in the water reacting with the chlorine and in turn, making hair and often skin develop a slightly green tint.

How can you avoid the effects of chlorine?

One of the best ways to fight back against chlorine damage is to invest in a top-quality swimsuit that uses chlorine-resistant fabrics. Some common materials that are used in swimwear, such as lycra, nylon, and cotton aren’t very resistant to chlorine. As a result, swimsuits that are made from these fabrics quickly fade and lose their shape. Instead, you should look for swimwear that is made using micro fibre polyester (PBT) as this is very resistant and can withstand being exposed to chlorine, strong sunlight, and pressure. It is also important to remember that there are some post-swim care tips that can help you prolong the lifespan of your swimsuit. For starters, you shouldn’t wash your swimwear as you would your regular clothes. Strong detergents and washing machines can actually ruin the fabrics in swimwear. Instead, you should thoroughly rinse your suit after a swim. Be careful not to use any strong soaps that might contain chemicals that could damage the fabrics. Ideally, you need to use a mild soap with warm water that can effectively remove all traces of chlorine and salt water.

In order to avoid the green hair nightmare we are often faced with, there are a couple of steps you can take, firstly, wear a swimming cap, we offer a great range of swimming caps including swimming caps for children and even caps for adults with long hair! Perhaps you don't have a swimming cap yet or your hair is already going green, there are products out there for your post swim shower that will help remove the chlorine from your hair and even Chlorine Removal Spray that you can use along with your regular shampoo.

Top Tips To Make your swimwear Last Longer

Make sure that you give your swimsuit plenty of time to dry naturally. Tumble dryers can be very abrasive on the materials and might cause a lot of unnecessary damage. It is also important that you don’t leave your swimsuit outside to dry on very sunny days. Strong sunlight can cause the colours to fade and the fabrics to disintegrate.

Once you have been swimming and get out of the pool, don’t be tempted to wrap yourself up in your towel. The towel will soak up all the pool water and its chemicals. Wrapping yourself in the towel will continue to expose your suit to all these chemicals. It’s also a good idea to stop wrapping your suit in the towel when you are packing it to go home, for the exact same reason.

Remember that you should also avoid wearing your best swimsuit in hot tubs. That’s because these tubs contain much harsher chemicals than swimming pools, such as bromine. The hot temperatures will also cause the fabrics in a swimsuit to quickly disintegrate, at a much faster rate than a swimming pool’s temperatures.

So, next time you need to buy a swimsuit, make sure that it isn’t going to lose its colour or shape after just a few swims! Our range of training swimwear for women, men, girls and boys is packed full of swimwear that'll last countless hours in the pool! And don't forget our range of hair care and skin care products!

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