Week 8 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hello Swimmers.

This is sadly our last Speedo Swim Fitness Training Plan. Huge congratulations to those of you who have made it to the end, I hope you are happy with the results we have achieved.

However it is not over yet, we have one final training plan!

For this week’s training sessions you will need a set of Hand Paddles and some Training Fins to make the most of your workout. At ProSwimwear we stock three varieties of paddles and fins from Speedo…

Hand Paddles and Training Fins are engineered for maximum resistance in water as your muscles are working harder for every kick and pull. This in turn leads to you swimming faster both in the short and long term due to the increased power in your muscles.

Paddles come in a variety of sizes, large paddles offer more resistance making them ideal for shorter swimming sessions, whereas smaller paddles can be used as regularly part of your daily swimming routine.

This week we have two 3000m endurance sets totalling 6000 metres.  There’s a good mix of drills and exercises to keep things fresh:


Swimming Workout