Week 7 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hello fitness swimmers! It’s week 7 of our 8 week plan so the end is very much in sight! I hope you’ve been keeping up with your twice weekly swimming sessions and are starting to feel the benefits of all your hard work.

By now you’ve probably amassed quite a bit of training equipment that you’re having to cart back and forth to the pool twice a week (or more). This week we’ll be talking a bit about backpacks, bags and holdalls. How do you carry your kit to and from the pool?

Are you the type who favours a mesh bag for allowing your wet kit to dry more quickly? Or do you like to take a full backpack that fits all of your swim gear? Perhaps like some, you prefer a holdall or duffel bag. All are good choices and at ProSwimwear we’ve got a range of Speedo bags to suit all needs and tastes.

Swim Workout

Team Rucksack III

(Win one in our Speedo Swim Kit Competition – Scroll down for details)speedo-team-rucksack-3-green-04

The little brother of the Team Rucksack II MAX. Similar in design but slightly smaller, with 10 litres less storage space and a lower price!

Lightweight waterproof fabric. – Adjustable volume – Roll down top can be adjusted. – Wet and dry compartments. – Durable construction. – Opens out for easy packing. – Adjustable straps. – 30 Litres 100% Polyester

Available in choice of four colours.

Speedo Duffel Bag

The cylindrical Speedo duffel bag is built to last. It’s an ideal bag for use at the gym or pool and comes in choice of colours. 8-091908860The bag offers an incredible amount of space and storage for all your pool side needs. There is ample room to fit in all of your gear and training equipment and the integrity of the material and stitching is superb.

Lightweight waterproof fabric. – Adjustable shoulder strap. – Comfortable handle. – Durable construction. – 30 Litres 100% Polyester

Available in a choice of four colours

Speedo Pool Bagblk-blu

These are proving really popular amongst younger swimmers, for swimming lessons and swimming club sessions. It’s an easy to carry, lightweight drawstring backpack that can fit your essential swimming kit. It’s made from a,lightweight waterproof fabric and features an inside pocket (good for storing goggles). The bag is 15 litres, so there’s no room for your kickboard or pullbuoy in this one! Still, a functional and sporty looking swim bag at a very reasonable price. Available in four colours. Click Here to Buy.

Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag


One of our most popular styles of swim bag. Extremely popular with junior swimmers and adults alike. Mesh bags are excellent for storing wet swim kit as they allow it to dry more quickly and there’s less chance of your bag building up that damp/chlorinated smell over time. Many swimmers like to take a mesh bag in addition to their swim bag. This keeps wet and dry separated, preserving the integrity of your main bag and the dry belongings therein!  Available in a range of colours. Click here to buy.

Next week is the last one so make it count!



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