Week 6 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hello fitness enthusiasts and swimmers of all ages! In case you don’t already know, swimming is one of the most highly recommended activities for improving your fitness! Water is one of the greatest training tools you have access to. No other activity provides you with such a variety of ways to work out! If you’re working to lose weight, build muscle tone or improve your cardiovascular endurance, swimming can help you out in a big way.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and you’re not already in the pool a few times a week then you’ve been missing out! The National Health Service recommends swimming as a way to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses (including heart disease and diabetes), boost your mood and keep your weight under control. It’s also widely used in physiotherapy because the weight is taken off of your joints whilst you are submerged in water.

If you think swim fitness means endless boring laps of the pool then think again, you can mix up your workout with extra training kit like a kickboard, pullbuoy, fins or hand paddles. These tools help to isolate different areas and different muscle groups in your body, allowing you to focus on these areas and tailor your workout to your own wants and needs!

For this week’s training sessions you will need a set of Hand Paddles and some Training Fins to make the most of your workout. At ProSwimwear we stock three varieties of paddles from Speedo…

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