Week 5 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hello again swimmers.

I hope your fitness training is going swimmingly so far!  We are now over half way through our fitness plan so you can give yourself a little pat on the back for getting this far!  However, there’s still a long way to go.

This week it would be useful for you to have Hand Paddles and Training Fins for your fitness sessions.



In previous weeks we’ve talked about the benefits simple equipment like a Kickboard and Pullbuoy can bring to your training sessions.  Hand Paddles and Training Fins are a useful way to increase the resistance on your arms and legs, meaning that it’s going to be harder for you to push against the water.  Yes you go a lot faster with paddles and fins, but your muscles are also working harder for every kick and pull.  This will help to build power in your arms and legs over time.

There are a wide range of training tools that can benefit your swimming in a variety of different ways.  From posture control to tempo training, there’s a piece of swimming equipment for working on every aspect of your swim stroke.  If you want to boost your stamina, power, technique or efficiency then it’s a good idea to do some research into the different training tools available to help you reach your goals.

This week we have some aerobic endurance sets totalling 4900 metres (that’s over 3 miles!).  There’s a good mix of drills and exercises to keep things fresh:

Swim Fitness


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