Week 4 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hello again fitness swimmers! It’s week 4 of our 8 week swim training plan. The distance is increasing week by week.  Week one was 3200 metres overall, whereas this week you’ll be swimming 4800 metres! By the end of the training plan you will be swimming further and faster than you previously thought possible!speedo-8-017910004-supp

Each week you’re conditioning your body to be able to cope with swimming a longer distance and for longer time periods, thereby increasing your fitness levels.  Keep up the training and you’ll be on the right track to being stronger, faster and healthier as every week goes by!

For effective swim training we use a few different tools to work on different areas of our body.  Developed using the latest technology and materials, and tested by our top athletes, Speedo training aids are the perfect accessory for any swim session.

We want to reward fitness swimmers, and now you’ve made it to week four of the training plan (you are following the fitness plan aren’t you?) we’re giving you the chance to win a free Speedo Swim Kit! The kit includes hand paddles, a towel, kickboard, pullbuoy, water bottle, goggles and a large Speedo backpack to put it all in.  Simply click on the link at the end of this blog and sign up for the speedo-8-017890004-suppcompetition. Competition Closes 31/07/15.

This week you will require:

A pullbuoy. For your kicking drills. Pullbuoys give buoyancy to your legs and allow you to work solely on your arms.  If you want to improve your upper body technique, power or stamina then a pull buoy is a must-have piece of training kit.

A kickboard. The Speedo Kickboard is used for the opposite reasons to a pullbuoy.  Kickboards allow you to focus on your legs. Leg technique, power and stamina can all be developed with the help of a kickboard and the right training regime!

Read on below for this week’s training plan…

Speedo pullbuoy

Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

Speedo pullbuoy

Speedo Elite Kickboard


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