A Hi-Tech Triathlon Treasure: The Ultimate IPS Wetsuit by Sailfish

In this blog post we will look at the incredible Sailfish’s Ultimate IPS Wetsuit! A Triathlon must have whether you’re Ironman Ready or a Triathlon Trainee.


‘Made to Make YOU Faster’

Sailfish is a company that was established by swimmer and triathlete Jan Sibbersen, currently based in Pfungstadt, Germany.  It was quick to distinguish itself as a quality, trustworthy and reputable company avidly sponsoring many triathlon and sporting events. Some of their Triathlon wetsuits have won multiple awards including their G-Range which recently won wetsuit of the year in 2016.


The Sea EO Who Knows!

The company’s CEO Jan Sibbersen not only started Sailfish but has an impressive and decorated past in swimming himself! Starting in 1992 he appeared in countless international swimming competitions breaking times and earning titles in freestyle swimming. After his swimming career ended, he studied business. However, siren’s call of the swimming pool wasn’t far away and soon Jan was back out at sea! He found a new interest in triathlon’s and dedicated himself to training. He competed in the famous Ironman RACE and started setting and breaking records as a professional triathlete! Even after hanging up his goggles he returned with his Triathlon suit to successfully break a record just last year, almost 13 years after he had quit! All of his Triathlon experience lead him to his company, and to come up with its famous motto ‘Made to Make YOU Faster,’ the company still producing products that stays true to that today!


The Wetsuits for Triumphant Triathletes

The Sailfish IPS is available as a men’s wetsuit and a women’s wetsuit, with full length sleeves. It shares some incredible features that make it one of Sailfish’s most popular wetsuit!


Nano Space Cell 2 (Resistance)

You will be gliding through the water at your fastest ever with the use of Nano Space Cell 2. It provides a wafer-thin nano coating that gives exceptionally low resistance.

Sailfish Chest


Unique Aero and Chest Panels (Stability)

The Aero and Chest panels provide great support and stability in the hip. This also means you’ll get an enhanced streamlined position whilst in the water!


Aerodrome Neoprene Material (Buoyancy)

The wetsuit uses Aerodrome Neoprene Material! This means the enclosed air cells and increases the buoyancy giving you the ultimate experience when swimming.

Zero Resistance Panel (Freedom)

You will become unstoppable with complete and maximum freedom of movement for the shoulders an arms! Swimming will have never been easier thanks to the Zero Resistance Panels used.

 Sailfish Arm

Avevia Super Dry (Flexible)

The inner material of the suit Avevia Super Dry is extremely flexible and water-resistant. This makes the Ultimate IPS a great triathlon wetsuit with lightweight properties while swimming, and easy to remove between swim and run splits.


Sailfish are a shore thing…

With not only the incredible Sailfish Ultimate IPS Wetsuit they have other amazing wetsuits for swimming! They have the Sailfish Rocket Wetsuit  for men and women which is a sleeveless wetsuit and designed to be ideal for warm water swimming, as well as the men and women's  G-Range Wetsuit that gives an effortless swim for triathlon distances and is a certified award winner!


These swimsuits make life easier!

So why limit yourself? Sailfish have a shell shocking range of accessories perfect for your Triathlon training! The Sailfish Barcelona Waterproof Backpack is the perfect addition to keep the sand away from your supplies. The Sailfish Neoprene Cap comes in a variety of colours to brighten up your swim! And there’s a range of Sailfish Goggles to help you get that clear sea view.


So why wait to take a chance on Sailfish? As they say, you never know until you Tri! Speaking of Tri, at ProSwimwear we also stock a great range of wetsuits for other outdoor adventures including Open Water and SwimRun – Discover our great range today!


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