The UK's Favourite Sport is....Swimming!

Swim EnglandRecent studies have shown that here in the UK we enjoy a swim more than any other sporting activity. The latest “Sport England Active People Survey” shows that more than 2.5 million of us go for dip every week!

The data collected by Sport England shows that over the previous six months, open water swimming has grown 5% and over a quarter of a million adults have improved their swimming technique through lessons or coaching.

The findings from the report show that we're also swimming more regularly. Swimming club attendance is up, we've got more new swimming clubs than ever before, and we're arranging / attending more competitive swimming events as well!

ASA Chief Executive, Adam Paker, is quoted as saying: “We are encouraged by the latest Active People results which confirm swimming remains the most popular participation sport in the country.

“Swimming already has a significant impact on the health of the nation, creating a fitter society through low-impact activity, and helping to combat mental health issues.  We are committed to getting even more people active and swimming regularly, which is why we have started implementing our new participation strategy.

“Central to this strategy is celebrating the fact that swimming is a unique sport; it doesn’t matter what your age or ability, anyone can take part. This year alone over two million children have learned to swim and we know that over four million adults want to start swimming on a regular basis.

“Over the next five years we will continue to work closely with our industry partners to ensure swimming pools are of the highest quality and that people have access to swimming experiences that genuinely meet their needs.”

The plan is to build on the already growing sport of swimming, increasing the visibility of the sport in the public eye to remind people that swimming is a fantastic option for your health and fitness regime. The Aim is to remind people that swimming is a fun and enjoyable sport that brings a range of health benefits. Swimming could be the answer to many of the challenges facing the country, including obesity and mental health.

Over the next two years the ASA will be working with pools and leisure centres with the aim of providing a positive, enjoyable experience from the minute a person enters to the minute they leave. They also want all pools and leisure centres to be able to provide an experience that meets their personal needs whilst in the water. There will be a big focus on developing new schemes and programmes to encourage more of us into the water. With new challenges and organised events to bring even more people together with a love of swimming!