TYR Avictor Omaha Nights - Maximise your performance and look good whilst you're winning!

TYR Avictor Omaha Nights

The new TYR Avictor Omaha Nights tech suits are out of this world!

Today we received a very special shipment of tech suits from our friends at TYR. The “Omaha Nights” FINA approved jammers and kneeskin are the latest edition of TYR's popular Avictor racing swimsuit. Previously only available to our American cousins, the Omaha Nights version of the TYR Avictor suit delivers all the performance you've come to expect from America's favourite swim brand, with a splash of extra style! The swimsuits feature a cosmic/night sky design and are available in two styles. One design is predominantly blue, the other predominately black, and they're being sold exclusively at ProSwimwear in the UK!

The TYR Avictor was released last year with a rush of excitement in the competitive swimming market. They were some of the most outlandish and audacious tech suits to hit our shelves in a long time. With the intense multi-coloured, multi-patterned design they certainly stood out from the rest of the racing swimwear on our shelves! The multi-colour design was received well by swimmers and you've probably noticed that these have been appearing on the poolside at many competitions throughout the UK.



The TYR Avictor marks the pinnacle of years of research and development by the team of scientists and athletes at TYR. They've packed in the most high-tech innovations and features that can help support a swimmer when it really counts. Everything from body positioning, drag reduction, muscle compression, flexibility/freedom of movement and streamlining have been thought about in the design and manufacture of these technical racing swimsuits.

Maximise your performance and look good whilst you're winning!

Omaha Nights TYR


  • Hydrosphere Technology - Water is actively pushed away from the surface of the suit, creating a visible hydrosphering effect.
  • Optimal Body Positioning - seams and panels on the suit are designed to promote the optimal body position for reducing drag.
  • Speed Dry Fabrication - To ensure that the suit stays light and fast.
  • Unmatched Comfort and Support - Provides a lightweight, snug fit at all times.
  • High-tech Super Flex Bonding - helps to provide a precisely fitted, ultra compressive swimsuit that maximises core stabilisation whilst still allowing complete freedom of movement and flexibility.

TYR Omaha Nights


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