"Some athletes have even christened our suits as the toughest there is!" Says Turbo Swimwear CEO

Turbo swimsuits are built to last!

Turbo Swimsuits

Originating in Spain, Turbo swimming costumes are some of the toughest around. They're popular amongst fitness, leisure and competitive swimmers, as well as water polo players. Look out for Turbo swimsuits on your next trip to the pool.

If you've ever watched or participated in a water polo match then you'll know that a sturdy, dependable swimming costume is key. Players can be all over each other in the water and suit grabbing fouls are fairly commonplace. Turbo made their name by producing hard-wearing, secure and long-lasting swimsuits for water polo players. Their colourful and comfortable swimsuits were soon picked up by fitness and leisure swimmers and have been enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity around the world!

Turbo is synonymous to supersonic energy and speed – much like a high powered –engine.  We use the best fabric in the market (100% PBT polyester).  Some athletes have even christened our suits as the toughest there is! Stretch  it, pull it, wear it daily for a year or even store it for a long time and you can see that it keeps its perfect form. No wrinkling, drying out or discolouring whatsoever. More importantly, it significantly lessens the drag,” says champion swimmer, national water polo player and CEO of Turbo Phils Dale Evangelista.

We've been stocking Turbo for a couple of years now at ProSwimwear and I can safely say that these are some of the most robust swimming costumes in our huge collection. They're all front lined and made from chlorine-resistant materials for a longer suit lifespan. They resist fading and sagging for up to 30x longer than some other swimming costumes. The front lining and reinforced seams give a real sense of security and comfort both in and out of the water.

The brand new swimwear collection has just arrived on our website, and we're offering the best prices around right now on all the latest swimsuits and trunks. New prints include an adorable baby tiger design, “Eat Swim Sleep Repeat” slogan, and some colourful new geometric patterns.

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