Wetsuit Care - How To Make Your Wetsuit Last Longer

triathlon wetsuit care

Look after your wetsuit, and your wetsuit will look after you.

Okay, so we may have used a bit of creative licence on a famous phrase, but the sentiment is exactly the same.

Buying a new triathlon wetsuit can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you get the very highest performance from it, for the longest amount of time.

Some well-timed wetsuit care could be the difference between your suit lasting one season and several years, depending on how regularly you use it.

The modern triathlon wetsuit is a highly advanced piece of kit, using hi-tech neoprene designs and the very latest technological features to maximise your swimming potential in the open water.

It goes without saying that a triathlon wetsuit should never be put in a washing machine or tumble dryer, must never be ironed and should never be washed with any detergent or bleach.

For the wetsuit to consistently perform at its very best, it needs to be looked after properly. Here, we share our top tips for swimming and triathlon wetsuit care including advice on washing, drying, storage and more.

12 Top Tips for Triathlon Wetsuit Care

triathlon wetsuit care

  • Rinse well in clear fresh water after every use
  • Don't leave it in direct sunlight to dry... dry it indoors, or in the shade
  • Dry it inside out first, and then dry the outside
  • Store your wetsuit in a cool, dry place
  • It is best kept flat and folded behind the knees, and then in half
  • Only use a hanger for short periods. When you do use a hanger, use as wide a one as possible and ensure it is padded
  • Roll up the wetsuit when transporting it, rather than folding it
  • Don't allow others to wear your wetsuit
  • Avoid use in chlorinated swimming pools
  • Be careful not to damage the neoprene material with fingernails or jewellery
  • Avoid using petroleum-based lubricants as they will damage the neoprene
  • Keep the velcro covered with the fabric patch (velcro can damage the inside lining)

triathlon wetsuit care

Wearing and Adjusting Your Triathlon Wetsuit Properly

Triathlon wetsuit damage can often occur because the suit is put on incorrectly.

Neoprene is a delicate material, and can easily be nicked or torn if proper care is not taken when trying on the wetsuit, or adjusting it.

Wetsuits with rips in the neoprene are not valid for refund, exchange, or warranty claims, so it's vitally important to know how to put one on safely.

Fingernails or jewellery can often be the cause of neoprene damage, along with rushing to put your wetsuit on in a hurry. For a full step-by-step guide with video demonstration, read our blog How To Put On A Wetsuit Properly.


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